Wednesday, February 27, 2008

February Favorites

I asked the kids some questions. These were their answers.

fav. food: strawberries
fav. activity: sledding
fav. toy: my big barbie head that you can do her hair

what do you want to be when you grow up: a mom
fav. movie: Shrek
fav. t.v. show: Sponge Bob
fav. sister: I only have one, so that's pretty easy

what are you looking forward to: starting gymnastics (shoot, guess I'd better find her a gymnastics coach)
what did you do today: went to school and read

fav. food: pizza (never mind that she wouldn't eat hers at lunch today)
fav. activity: play
fav. toy: on the h
uter (computer) if you want to play then you have to play a game
what do you want to be when you grow up: be a grown up and I want to do stuff and cook, then I have to be a mommy
fav. movie: Daddy's show...the lion show (she means Second Hand Lions).
fav. t.v. show: Curious George
what are you looking forward to: excited for Daddy to come home
what did you do today: Good. If you want to do stuff you have to go to bed and have family prayers and family home evening. (she tends to ramble and give huge,
nonsensical explanations to everything we ask...hmm...kind of like me).


fav. food: hught. (that means Reeses p.b. baking chips)
fav. activity: hught. (that means getting into things and climbing things)
fav. toy: hught. (that means anything that can be fashioned into a hitting/hammering device)
what are you looking forward to: UHHHOOOO! (that means he's done being interviewed, but hopefully he's looking forward to learning more words so he can stop saying, "hught.")


Amber said...

So that is crazy you did this. I just interviewed Cora the other day after I got the idea from a parenting magazine. I haven't had time to post it yet. Their answers were great though. I'm sad you live so far away or we could have such a fun playdate!

Emily said...

What a good idea! You think you'll always remember how cute & funny there are at each stage & then you blink! & they're bigger & onto other cute & funny things.