Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Side of Notation, Please

Something that has been bugging me, that I feel it my duty to explain: I don't use paragraphs. I have never been fond of them, cause I don't talk in paragraphs, and I like my writing to mirror how I would converse - for better or worse. One more thing: I know that I am not grammatically perfect, which makes me a huge hypocrite, as improper grammar and spelling are some of my most peevish pets. But usually I do it on purpose because I like the way it sounds, or I like the twist of meaning it adds, or I like to make up my own words that say better what I'm trying to say than the real words would, or I just don't know the proper way to say it. Sorry for the confusion, but I had to get that off my back. Whew.


Amber said...

Oh, I love you Andrea! Can I say that as a friend without it sounding weird? Actually after reading this latest post I feel like I should say you complete me or something equally as cheesy, but accurate in the grammatical similarity sense. I hate when stupid people are not grammatically correct because they don't know how to be, but I feel that if you are smart and possess the knowledge to be grammatically correct then you should have the choice to use grammar and punctuation creatively without worrying about where the comma should go as opposed to where you want it to go. (take that you run on sentence Nazis!!). Oh and about our book, well my writer contact lady is in the middle of her daughter's wedding, which I thought had already happened, but I was wrong. So what I am saying is we don't need her or her wealth of knowledge. We can write a book on our own. We should research the easiest way to get published and go from there. In fact, I am leaving your blog now to go Google "getting a book published." So instead of commenting on your music blog (because I have a million things to say about your song selections) I am going to go figure out how to make us rich published authors instead!

sharlee said...

I actually know exactly what you mean and you are allowed to write however you wish because this is YOUR blog! And Andy, if you write it, they will come, because we love the way you write!