Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sticks & Stones

Anyone else out there have encounters of the rude kind? I am so fed up with rude people, and I get so worked-up over it with no outlet, that I was just thinking, "Why doesn't someone start a website (or blog) where people can explain their predicament and post it for the world to see (or at least whomever they refer to the site)?" It wouldn't be a vindictive, vengeful, or tattle-telling site, but a well-written, kill-them-softly-and-with-intelligence type of place (most-likely swimming in sarcasm if I were in charge, because I'm not well-written or intelligent). Because sometimes people are ridiculously rude and they just get away with it. I know, I know. I shouldn't judge, and they'll have their reward, and all that mumbo-jumbo, but why isn't there something we can do just to make ourselves feel better, if nothing else? Because a lot of times being rude isn't punishable by law, and usually, even if it IS, rude people now-a-days are so good at covering their rear-ends (most likely because they are rude for a living) that it's practically impossible to pin them down with the law anyway. I just get to feeling so powerless and like I want to scream or shake someone into consciousness. Anyone else? Am I the only one? Maybe it's my own insecurities surfacing, but I'm just not okay with letting people push other people around without consequence. The world needs to remember what it's like to be civilized! Who's with me?


Amber said...

Again, you and I are almost one person. Please refer to one of my first blogs as an example: Batman. Where Are You When I Need You? I'm not sure how to make that a link because I am computer retarded, but hopefully you can find it if you want.

sharlee said...

Amen. I hope you're not referring to ME not replying to your last comment on my blog or something...I would say that you're a bit sensitive if that was the case, but I'm pretty sure it isn't. So, DO tell! You've made me curious now as to what your latest encounter with rudeness was!

Mattie Rae said...

Me too! What happened? I'll beat them up for you!

Andrea said...

Yes, Sharlee, I was so overcome with anger over you not taking time out of your life to reply to my unintelligible comment that I just couldn't take it anymore! Really, it wasn't even ME that someone offended, just an e-mail exchange between my brother-in-law and some jerk whose car he was trying to buy on Craigslist. I don't know why I got so worked-up over it, all the guys (bro-in-law, other bro-in-law, Ty - he forwarded us all copies) thought it was hilarious. I was just shocked over how blatantly rude and disregardful of human decency the man was - it really had my blood boiling for a couple days. Guess I should learn to control my temper.

Rindee said...

I remember when I first moved in to my brand-newly built home. We had waited for months to move in, and it drained our every penny after all the unexpected expenses it takes to move.
We were in a brand new neighborhood, and so I guess we were on every door-to-door salesman's "to-do" list, and frankly, I got tired of opening my door to a complete stranger-man at least once a day without my husband around.
One day, a carpet cleaner salesman came by about a month after we moved in (do carpets really need to be deep cleaned that often? Once a month?) He tried to sell me his service, which I politely declined because frankly, I didn't think my brand new carpet needed cleaning, and I didn't have any money for it, either. Then he cranes his neck to see around me and points out the area of carpet that is next to the hard floor of the kitchen and how the carpet was already starting to mat there. Then he glances at my bare feet and goes on to inform me that the oils in our bare feet make the matting happen faster. I was thinking "Not as fast as I'm gonna drop kick you off my porch!"
By that time, I was already frustrated that he showed up on my porch in the first place, then he ignored my polite refusal because I had NO MONEY for him even if I wanted to. Then he insulted my brand new house saying that my carpet was dirty and matted after only a few weeks of use, THEN he blamed me and my bare feet for it all!

I know it was silly to take it so personnaly...he was just doing his job. But do salesmen really think that they are going to sell something by being so insulting? Maybe I was just extra sensitive that day, but I still irritated by it when I think of it.

Marianne said...

I completely agree! Just recently we were driving home from your parents house after spending a very pleasant Sunday evening with them and some jerk not only cut us off but almost hit us in the process. Joel of course honked at him, and the guy gave us a very unkind hand gesture! Joel couldn't leave it alone and drove up alongside the guy, rolled down the window, and the first thing we heard was the guys screaming at us "What you gonna do about it?" along with some other choice words. He knew he almost hit us but he didn't care! This guy was not only rude, but the way he acted and talked to us was so evil. Meanwhile, Noah heard all of this. It made me so mad. You can cut me off and swear at me, but as soon as you do that when I have my kids in the car my mother bear instincts come out. But what made me the most angry was that he got away with treating us like that. I spent the rest of that night thinking about how he acted and wishing there was something we could have done to teach him some civility and kindness. Joel's way of teaching him would be to punch him and break his nose (he was very tempted to tell the guy to pull over). Honestly, that probably would have been the best way. It's so infuriating that people act like that and get away with it!

I read your comment on why your ticked off at rude people, and oh, have we got stories about rude people and cars. I had one guy tell me I was a liar (which was one of the worst experiences of my life), and had another one do the same thing just a few days ago. Do you know why we got called liars? Because the person WE bought the car from lied, but we didn't know it. So when we sold the cars, the new owners ran into problems getting the cars to pass inspection- all because the people WE bought the cars from were dishonest. But who gets blamed for dishonesty? US! So, I not only dislike rude people, but really don't like dishonest people. Both groups of people really make life unpleasant for everyone.