Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Be May, May Be Not

I thought it was May 1st today, but apparently it's April 1st, cause boy have I been made a fool by mother nature! This is what I woke up to:

After risking life and limb getting Saylor to school on roads that should know better than to be slick in stinkin' MAY, I was pleased to find my two youngest children ready and willing to have their pictures taken, although the exact location was not debatable for Sylas...smack dab in front of the bane of my existence - that hideous (but VERY comfy) beast of a couch. I can't even begin to tell you how hard it is to scrapbook pictures when almost all of them have that THING clashing away in the background (hmmm...should I use navy or red card stock this time?"). But hey, I'll take what I can get (of both pictures and furniture). I even got some good stuff on video - and if you know Sy, you know how rare and exciting that really is! Here's the evolution of a kiss:

Sy has a thing for wearing a tie. He hands it to me every morning and says, "Huh?," which means, "Will you please help me put this on, for I sense that I am really going to need to help myself in the respectability department, cause in the last 19 months you people have not proven satisfactory in that area." He loads up his "briefcase" (a black box that usually houses free weights) with all the pluggies (that's Shuman for pacifiers) he can find, gives me a kiss ("mmmmmmmmuh") and a wave goodbye (as seen in photo), and off he goes into the playroom, soon to return for another round of the "going to work" game.

Samera, on the other hand, just likes to sniff things. She is the most olfactory-sensitive child I have ever seen. She is always the first to detect any new odor. When she was born her nose was squished flat because she had spent a lot of time pressed up against something (uterus maybe?), and I am convinced that she was there by choice, just sniffing away. She has a "mimi" (it used to be a really cute pink and white blanket, but is now reduced to the string-like, gray, nasty thing you see in the photo) that she'll sniff 'til she almost passes out. It's what I imagine a cocaine addict looks like: short snorts, followed by a few long sniffs, ending in a look of pure satisfaction and bliss. Today I took a bunch of pictures of her sniffing said mimi, and after I finished, and she finished sniffing (between which there was quite an expansive gap), she exclaimed, "That was FUN!!" I'm sure it was. What could be more fun than being asked to indulge in your favorite (but certainly not your only) odd behavior?

Poor Saylor had to be in school and missed all the fun, so I'll add a picture of her from last week. Her poor teeth wouldn't quit bleeding, so the Dr. said to apply tea bags. This is the end result. I know, my poor kids - I take pictures of their misery. Someday she'll laugh...but only after extensive therapy.


sharlee said...

Andrea! You make me laugh!! Your kids are so funny. Is that really all that is left of Samera's blanky? Oh my heck, I laughed when I read about it then about wet my pants when I saw the picture. I wasn't expecting a "string".
Sylas is so cute with his tie and briefcase! What a professional little fellow. Jonah just wants to sit in front of the t.v. all day. I hope that isn't a sign of his future career choice. (Or lack of one)
Poor Saylor! She looks miserable in that photo. Is she feeling o.k. now? She's so cute.
If it makes you feel better I have even UGLIER couches in all of my photos---my fix is just not to scrapbook at all, then I don't have to see them. want to be able to look at your scrapbook someday and say I was so skinny and perty, my kids were darling and wonderful, my house was beautiful and new, my husband was awesome and young....oh, there'e that #@*@# couch! Good...I am glad that EVERYTHING wasn't perfect, else it would've all been a dream!

Matheson's said...

You had me laughing too. Cute hair on Samera- if only Ken would sit still long enough for her hair to be cute. Sylas is so cute with that tie. Ken does a similiar thing with her purse. Poor Saylor- hope she's feeling better. What caused the problems- should I seriously take away juice and all candy from Ken's diet to prevent this? As of now we are driving- it could be fun with the WHOLE FAM right??? We are gettin our day out though- NO KIDS! Couch side note- turn the pics to BW for your scrapbook.

Andrea said...

I guess I should have explained that Saylor had four baby teeth pulled, in the hopes of making room for her submerging permanent teeth, therefore minimizing the extensive orthodontic treatment she will most likely need in the future. The first two teeth they pulled were no problem. In fact she asked me on the way home, "What's in this container" (shaking the little box they put the teeth in). When I told her she said (real surprised, and hard to understand with gauze filling her mouth), "I didn't even know they pulled them!" (my first reaction was to say, "What did you think they were doing?") These last two, however, were a different story. The poor girl was in all sorts of pain and agony, and the bleeding didn't stop for three days, and I had to go buy more gauze after using every shred I could find (emptied our supplies in our two first-aid kits) - interesting side note, do you know how expensive gauze is? Way.

Emily said...

Me too - I laughed out loud! Cute kids! Poor Saylor. I love taking pictures of my kids when they're miserable too. ;)

Amber said...

So I am equally grossed out and amused by Samera's string blanket. It reminds me of floss and although I try to use it religiously, floss just grosses me out. Sylas is quite a handsome little devil. Are you banking on him getting some money job when he is older and supporting you guys while you travel the world? I would be. Is it too soon to introduce him to the resume? And as far as Saylor is concerned, poor thing. She looks as sad as she probably felt!

Christyeve said...

Hey Andrea!! you are not rude! I totally understand, that's just a pet peeze or whatever, I have pet peezes too, so no worries! I pronouce a lot of words wrong!I am dork like that. ANyway it was good meeting you too! I had a good time, even though I got nothign accomplished. Your stories are hilarious!! You are such a good writer, so funny, creative and descriptive, I loved reading your blog! I am going to add it to my page so when I need a good laugh I'll read pressure! haha! Most of the pictures I take of my girls have our ugly couch in the background too...wish I knew how to crop it out!

Palmer family said...

Andrea! You rattle my're hilar! Thanks for the laughs. I grew up hearing about the "tea bag thing" from my dad. I even remember doing it myself. UGH. The picture of Saylor brought back memories!

Marianne said...

Your kids are so cute and funny! What sweet pictures of Sylas kissing Samara, and I love the "going to work" game. I remember when Samara's "mimi" was new. She sure loved and sniffed that thing to death didn't she! Noah has his Pooh Bear that is also very loved. When he was smaller he used to carry it around with the arm pressed against his nose. He still sometimes does that. Funny how kids get attached to smells. I must say, though, his bear isn't reduced to a string yet. Wow, she really did love that thing! What a cute family you have, and what a cute blog! It always makes me smile and laugh, which is something I needed-thanks for that.

Rindee said...

So, I hope I didn't break some unsaid rule about re-posting some of your blog entries. I was desperate for some family newsletter entries, and I just loved this one. A fun little update of your kids complete with pictures. I thought it was too good to only have a limited audience. I'll try to get your permission first next time.

I love reading your blog!