Tuesday, July 15, 2008

If we had a mule his hind leg would have long-since been talked off

To say Samera talks would be a gross understatement. Oh my gosh does she ever talk! She has had a love affair with the spoken word since she was a tiny 12 months old. It started out with "Berrett," her uncles name, which became her favorite word, and blossomed quickly into, "buckle," "bed," and "bath." For some reason "b" words were her firsts. Before her first birthday she would greet Ty every evening home from work with a , "Dad...Heyyyyy!" What started out as somewhat alarming and charming has become something of a drain. By 10:00 a.m. I feel like my head will explode if I hear one more sound come out of her mouth. I try to tune it out as best I can, just to keep from repeating my mantra of, "Samera, shhhh" more than 12,000 times a day (my arbitrary limit). I've thought of telling her our old family fable about how we're only allotted so many words in this life, and that we ought to choose them wisely and "conserve" them, so as not to run out before we die, but I don't think she's old enough to understand it. I've tried reminding myself that someday I'll miss her chatter, but the thought is always interrupted by said chatter, never leaving me time to thoroughly delve into a mental image of its absence. Most evenings while Samera climbs around, over and on top of me, never missing a syllable, Ty will lock eyes with me, wide-eyed with insanity, and we will just give in to fits of laughter for lack of knowing what else to do. He tries to divert her as best he can because he knows that I have had to listen to her all day, but he's just as exhausted as I from clients (plural) ten times worse. Well it's shameful of me, but I rarely actually listen to what she says, so a few days ago when I stopped to focus on her seemingly nonsensical stream of never-ending words I found myself mesmerized by the sheer volume of "gems" falling from her "lups" (that is one of my favorite pronunciation mistakes she makes). I grabbed a pen and paper and tried to keep up, which was hard to do doubled over in laughter. I'll share a few of my favorites:
"Mom, are we going to the gooey-goo today?" Okay, she has been asking me this about fifty times/day since we told her that we're going to Lagoon this weekend.
"Mom, I don't want the care bear fruit snacks. I want banana Jones!" I bought Indiana Jones fruit snacks, and they're a huge hit.
"Wazzup, Mom?" I don't know where she heard this.
" You had a bad day cooking potatoes, huh Mom?" I laid down on my bed after cooking potatoes and being very cranky - you know, to take a little time out and regain my composure.
"Ciao Mom!" Also don't know where she heard this, but it was followed with,
"I never leave you." Said with a big hug and kiss and almost immediately followed by,
"Don't touch me, Mom!"
"It IS tomorrow." When I told her she could paint tomorrow.
"Mom, Sylas has a little foot print right here." She discovered Sylas' birth mark on his tummy.
"I love rice creepy treats." self-explanatory
"I love that casserole" She was pointing to the cinnamon rolls.
"Mom look! Colby got potty training wheels!"
"Ohhh...so tigerish!" Said while stroking the fur of a leopard in a touch and feel book.
"Hmmm...that wasn't so bad." After spitting out a half-chewed piece of celery.
"I can't put my shoes on. Sylas threw them in the ferris wheel." Sylas likes to throw everything down the window wells outside.
Almost all of these were said in rapid succession. I don't know how her mind can go so fast. I am not a person of many words (at least not when I'm talking, maybe because I use them all up on my blog), so it is amazing to me to watch her. And then at the park today, as I unstopped my ears I heard her exclaiming, "Those ants are sneaky little buggers! They sure is thirsty little guys!" I guess I should stop and listen once in a while, cause cracking up over what she's saying sure beats feeling constantly annoyed at the barrage of noise.

And yes, there IS always a box of whoppers on my computer desk. It's blogging fuel.

p.s. Lest Saylor be completely forgotten, she came up with a pretty good one just this morning. I overheard her telling Samera, "You can have the rest of my pancake. I'm full of bull."


Marianne said...

That is so cute! I understand what you mean, though, about getting tired of hearing their cute but constant chatter. Noah is also a chatter box, but, unfortunately, most of the time I have no clue what he's saying. Half the time he talks so fast it makes him stutter, so we have to remind him to slow down. Since I don't understand him, it's really hard to want to pay attention to him, so occasionally I throw in words like wow, really, that's cool, what a story, etc. I can't wait until he's in speech therapy! It will probably make him chatter more, but at least I'll be able to understand him!

sharlee said...

That was so entertaining! Samera is quite a girl. I love to hear what she has to say. My favorites were the potty training wheels and the bad day making potatoes. She's a sensitive, sweety, too, so that makes all the chatter o.k., right? Someday it won't be such mind-numbing nonsense so practice hard listening so that when she wants to talk about the really important stuff when she's older she knows where she can find a listening ear. I have to really focus in order to listen to my boys most of the time and even then, I can't follow their stories and my mind starts to wander. It is hard but keep doing what you did--write it down for our enjoyment and hers (when she's grown).

sharlee said...

O.K., since not one else is commenting, I'll comment again. I've been thinking about this cute post ever since I saw it. Not only because Samera is a fist full of cuteness but because you are such a great writer! The words just flow from your fingertips. I wish I had that talent. Even if I had something to get off my shoulders and wanted to express it in my blog I wouldn't be able to say it in words--well I could say it in about five words, but beyond the actual point, I wouldn't have a creative, descriptive word to write. That's such a great talent, Andy.

Amber said...

So that is hilarious. Not so much what she says (although that is so stinkin funny) but more so that she has been probably saying hilarious things like these often and you (like me and probably most mothers of talkers) have been blocking it out! Yeah for having the patience to stop and listen. Claire probably talks as much as Samera, but she joins words together and emphasizes the wrong syllables so I don't have a clue what she is saying (not that I would be tuned in even if she was speaking perfect English!). So many times I wish it was acceptable to go through my day with earplugs in. I'm sure that would be considered some form of child abuse or neglect because I couldn't hear my children choking or screaming for help. But the silence would be bliss!