Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ten Things I Thought You Should Know

1. My last post was for a contest, so don't feel bad if you are confused.
2. I got barely any sleep last night, but felt inexplicably euphoric each time I realized I was awake.
3. I got a new night stand which, I've been trying to convince Ty, is the reason I have been sleeping so well - and feeling happy even when I don't sleep.
4. I took a large quantity of cold medication before bed last night.
5. I still think it's the night stand that had my head spinning with joy.
6. We voted YESTERday, so the next random person who calls to remind me to vote via telling me who THEY support (why would that sway me? I don't know you!) is getting my trusty p.e. whistle to the ear.
7. Mera just overheard the answering machine message from one such person and came to urgently report, "Mom, that lady said, 'Barack Obama'. I don't want him to steal our money!" Don't know where she got that.
8. In a fight for survival, Ty threw away all the kids' Halloween candy on Sunday.
9. I have been eating said candy (which was "thrown away" in my closet - we didn't expect the charade to be taken so well) by the bucketful.
10. Did I mention I'm sick?

And for the bonus round:
I saw a lady riding a bike and smoking this morning. She was stopped at the corner, very awkwardly taking a quick huff before the light turned green. For some reason it struck me as funny - and rather dangerous.


sharlee said...

I'm sick too. Dang halloween. We are sick every halloween. You better post a photo of your new night stand now that you told us about it and WHAT contest did you write your last post for? Share please.

Lena said...

Oh! did I laugh while reading that one! I wish I would've thought to use the whistle on those darn voting callers. I voted last week at my own dining table and then mailed it...it was AWESOME.

Higham Family said...

I love the "healthy" smokers! Living as close as we do to a teaching hospital, I see at least 5 doctors, nurses, or other health proffesionals smoking every day. I know they have all disected a set of smoker lungs in their training, so I figure they must be seriously addicted to still haul themselves across the street (sometimes in crazy blizzards) to inhale their smokes. My boys have already picked up on the irony of their "not good choice". As for the vote phone calls- invest in only a cell phone- we didn't get a single call. A first for us, and we didn't miss them at all!

Amber said...

UGGHH. I keep posting comments on people's blogs and then they are not there the next time I go back. I got caught up on my blog reading last night and made like 10 comments. I went back today and NONE of them are there. Why does the universe hate me today? Anyway, just know that I made some awesome, witty comment that was profound and funny all in one. Too bad you will never get the full effect.