Wednesday, January 28, 2009


It's Rock Star Day at Saylor's school today. So, being the wonderful mother that I am (and because I have forgotten about every other dress up day so far in her three year scholastic career), I took her to D.I. last night to pick out some clothes worthy of screaming crowds and deafening guitar riffs.

We hit the jackpot, man! It was as if the gods of dress-up (because if there WERE false gods, of course the gods of dress-up would be the most interesting, and my favorite) smiled down upon us, sending forth miraculous items for our buying pleasure. There was the shirt: black, skull, butterfly, flower, tattoo-looking see-through sleeves. There were boots: shiny, black, big buckle, rhinestones. There were black gloves: 50 cents, we immediately cut the fingers off. There were pants: we won't talk about the pants, since we went to TJ Maxx later and found some that would not require any sewing and were cheaper (I spit upon you, D.I.). Still, now we have two pair of black pants.

Then I played a little guitar hero to research rock star hairstyles (I tell ya, that game has more uses than a swiss army knife!), got up early this morning to implement my plan, added a little makeup, and voila!

Only, instead of giggling at the face that stared back at me in the rear view mirror all the way across town to Saylor's school, I was kind of disturbed.

Am I really so shallow that a little makeup and clothing can completely distort my view of my child? Does a certain look cause me to think twice before asking my child to please recite her cute little speech festival poem for me?

And then it hit me:


"Don't grow up!" is what I wanted to shout. "Let's just stick you in a jar and keep you in the pantry forever," is what I have been suggesting for years now, but she only laughs.

Maybe it's because this is the second time in one week she has worn makeup and looked so old
(gymnastics recital last Thursday).

Maybe it was Samera's birthday that got me thinking about the impending doom of age.

Though it could just as easily have been Sylas' love of pudding that forced me to imagine him a man with a strange goatee.

I guess what I'm saying is...well...I don't know what I'm saying. I just really wish my kids would quit getting so old. It's kind of a drag.

Anyone need a pair of black pants?


sharlee said...

Ahhh...your kids are still so young and innocent, Andy. You must have aging on the brain. If you want a glimpse of the future, come to my house for a day. Sweet, innocent Josh told me to shut-up this morning That's right (though I could tell it slipped out and he regretted it the second he said it--though he didn't apologize ). So don't even START. You don't even want to know the teen drama that Spencer is encorporating into our every day lives. It's really not even funny.
Cute birthday cake and pictures! Post some more of Saylor's rockin' outfit. I want to see the whole sha-bang.

Amber said...

Oh I want more pictures too! And I feel ya sister. Claire is no longer a baby. We just bought her big girl panties. How is my baby wearing panties? And Cora's new haircut makes her seem about 10 to me. Where has the time gone. I guess I have jinxed myself in wishing they were past the crazy helpless dependent phase of life. Of course I have now made this all about me and less about your post (I'm working on being less self-absorbed and failing miserably!), so I really am so impressed at the length you went to for dress-up day. And the results are awesome. You deserve a mommy of the year award!

Rindee said...

I don't even want to think about it. I love the way you tied all these pictures together.

We've never had Rock-star day at our school. Now I'm glad. I think it would be scary to see 100s of little kids that look like that all at the same time. I think I'd want to head for the hills!

Rozel said...

OK this is the second kid post (ambers being the first) that I have to borrow my sisters kids to show you that I understand.

My oldest nephew won't give me kisses anymore (apparently I am a girl and he is too cool), he has lost two teeth, and he is READING!!!!!

They do grow fast and it makes me oh, so sad to watch their baby fat melt away. (How come mine doesn't do that?) Then it simply amazes me to watch my nephews grow into little people. With opinions! Who knew? I do have to remind them now and then that I am smarter.

CUTE PICs and, once again, lovely story.

Stephanie said...

I hear you! I am in the process of making a DVD of 2008 and I can't believe how much Wesley has changed in just one year: from bowl cut to big-boy cut, from single words to expressing himself in full sentences. I can't imagine the day I will dress him for Rock Star Day. I completely understand wanting to put yours in a jar.

Well, I guess there's nothing we can do to stop time, so, in hopes of looking for the silver lining, here's to the years ahead: may they be filled with joy and learning and no more diapers :)

Marianne said...

I agree with Sharlee- more pictures of Saylor's outfit. (Can I spit on DI with you? What's up with the insane prices for a used, dirty, stinky shirt, pants, hat, or whatever? Joel almost doesn't want to donate to them anymore if they're going to take from the rich and rob the poor.) I'm with you on the whole growing up thing. I'm really upset with Clara about that. And Noah has gotten so tall lately. He's going to be taller than me by next week if he doesn't quit. That's not saying much, though.

Very clever post, as always. I love it!

Matheson said...

Oh Andrea- thanks for the laugh and Happy Birthday to Samera! Love the cake. Sy is so cute!

Emily said...

Reminds me of a certain 10 year old picture I have of "Black Day." I think you should post that one of you next to Saylor - you look so alike!

Christy said...

what a great post! WHen I saw your update on my blog I was like, "YESSSSS!" Your my idol. I think I would have felt the same way seeing my kid dress up like a rockstar, and looking so much older. I thought Madi was growing up fast, but it seemed like Avery went from 3 months to 17 months in no time! Your kids are so cute, and I like how you put all the pictures together.

Amy Jason said...

how did you learn to make such cute cakes? I need to learn. Amen about DI. I don't understand why people shop there when you can shop clearance and get brand new clothes for cheaper! Doesn't make sense! I can't believe Saylor as a rock star! She really looks like one. Right now I enjoy my kids getting older because it's fun to see what they do and say but I think that will change when they are old enough to go to school. Then I just want to keep them home forever. Sharlees comment made me so sad! I can't imagine hearing shut up from my child, but I know the day will come:(

Palmer family said...

Cute birthday cake. I want to see more of it! You should work at a bakery! (I've always thought that would be kinda fun myself.) Eliza said, "Funny boy!" when she saw the pic of Sylas with pudding on his face. I think she has the hots for him! :) Ha. Wow, you have a 9 year old. Time flys!!

Lena said...

totally random--but, I really love Saylor's freckles. There is just something about freckled cheeks or noses that makes me want to plant a kiss on them! (don't worry, I won't traumatize her by kissing her freckles when I see her in person-it might be frightening to have a strange lady attack you like that!)

and about the epi-you-know-what...I really should've not said anything about it...I am married to a pervert and sometimes it rubs off on me. Rut-tow.