Tuesday, March 31, 2009


*random apple-eating photos

I don't like to get all touchy-feely on my blog. Or in real life. To tell the truth, feelings make me squirm. Hence my passion for sarcasm. It really eases the tension sometimes. Have you noticed my recent love affair with the punctuational period? That was a side note. My mind wanders. Especially when I think about emotions. But not emoticons. Now THERE's something I can really get behind. :)
Just kidding. :(
Even those make me a little uncomfortable. ;/

Don't get me wrong. I am a touchy-feely girl as a general rule: I hug my parents, my sisters, my brothers, my aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, first cousins, and a couple of my extra affectionate friends. I dang near wear out my children's skin with kisses and squeezes, and my poor husband can't get a moment's peace when I'm around (think slobbery, attention-starved puppy...and then times that by 43. Yep, annoying...but adorable, right? RIGHT?).

Let me break it down for you:
Physical touch o.k.
Emotional touch not o.k.

But danged if I don't just feel overcome with gratitude and amazement when I think of all you amazing women (and men - are you out there, men?) who comment on my humble little corner of blogspot, and who allow me to glimpse your greatness via your own lovely blogs. It is inspiring and discouraging all at the same time! YOU make me feel strengthened and weak. Loved and undeserving of your love. Interested and uninteresting. I hope that made sense. I just meant, in short, I am constantly beguiled by your beauty, strength, and goodness. And YOU make me want to be better. All of you.

Thank you, one and all, for sharing yourself with me. I am blessed.

Oh, and this is my 100th post.

Maybe a cake is in order?

...and post.


Amber said...

First, and most importantly, a cake is always in order. And this email you speak of, WHAT EMAIL? I have no email from you or Michelle? My account has been funky lately, but I need to hear of this yoga pants saving solution and about all this eating. Oh yeah, getting back to your FABULOUS 100th post...Can I just say that I love that you got all emotional on us (or something like that). I truly love love love that you have a blog for many reasons. First, I love all my friends w/ blogs more than my friends w/out them. There. I said it. And I mean it. Nothing against non-bloggers, I just feel this strong bond w/ gals like you, who I have come to know (all over again) and come to love (all over again!)!! So thanks. For letting us in. For being a blogger. And for posting 100 posts of greatness!

sharlee said...

100 glorious posts! Congratulations... you are on your way to writing fame. I love your blog. It is the most sought after, entertaining, & envied blog in my world. Keep it up!

Rozel said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I am soooooo behind! I only have 52 post, but that will buy me some time to think of 100th post as fabulous as this one. You should be expecting it sometime next year(?)

I do love your blog and I love to see a glimpse of your world. It is like I am permissional-peeping-peg (as apposed to Tom). I am so grateful for this blogger world for putting us back in touch. If it weren’t for blogger I wouldn’t get to see what an amazing woman that you are (and vise verse – lol. ((I hate online acronyms) (((Can you do that? Put parenthesis in parenthesis - oh I did!))).

Off I go . . . .

The United Statements of Merica said...

Congratulations! At the rate I'm going, it should only take me 8 years.. although today i seem to be making up for lost time. But I too am a fan. You are always a treat to read.

Higham Family said...

I may never reach 100 blog posts; I would rather read your 100 blog posts that post any of my own. It's 11:30pm here and I still think I should have some cake to celebrate for you- maybe something that looks like the chocolate cake/torte business on your Mr. Sweet tooth post. Cake is always in order!

Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

I've seriously considered having a feature on my blog called.. Blog of the Week or something catchy like that. I really like the idea, except I don't think people would really appreciate it because your blog would be featured nearly every week. You amaze me. And also, I've got to ask. Would you hug me? I am a first cousin once removed and all..

T-licious D-zire and C-hillins said...

Do I really get to come to your next get together??? YEE HAW!! :)
Ok, don't go read my blog cuz it's full of emotional crap and will REALLy make you squirm.....but I need an outlet. I couldn't survive without it. I am impressed that you're sane without all the touchy-feely :)
I love your sarcasm! I think you are hilarious and witty! Your blog is fantastic.....who needs touchy-feely?!?! (besides me lol)

T-licious D-zire and C-hillins said...

Holy Schnikies I forgot to add HAPPY 100th POST! :) 100 thoroughly enjoying and entertaining posts (sorry, I have not read them all, but the ones I have read are proof enough! So Congratulations on 100 masterful blog posts!

Stephanie said...

Happy 100th! You deserve a big hug, or not :) I do love reading your posts; they are just so funny, but honest. They brighten my days.

Mardee Rae said...

Oh, you have captured part of my love for blogging oh so well--and kudos for being the one to go out on an emotional limb to admit it. Without the blogging world, I wouldn't know all that much about so many of my cousins (as we have so many!) And also, it sure is validating to have one of my older cousins (all you older cousins were always my idols) comment on MY blog!
And happy 100th! Cake Cake Cake. And I'll have a Little Debbie treat to celebrate with you.

Belladonna said...

Emotional touch can leave us feeling exposed, vulnerable, and maybe a tad bit creepy. There is risk. What if we are mocked? rejected? exploited? ignored?

For many years I was more comfortable living in my head than in my heart and kept most people emotionally at arms length. I could easily be supportive or compassionate to OTHERS, but did not often allow them to nurture me in return or to know my candid self. It felt safer to stay behind elaborate walls of defense.

In recent years I have been learning how to take the leap of allowing "In-To-Me-You-See" / intimacy more often rather than sticking with my default of self protection. Like any new skill set, it has taken practice to get comfortable with it and I'm FAR from a master. But so far I'd say it has been well worth it, even when I've miscalculated who to trust, leading to me feeling wounded when other reacted coldly.

I guess what I'm saying is I could TOTALLY relate to your words of not feeling comfortable with letting others get close. Yet I also see you taking some great risks with things you do share here on your blog which I think is FABULOUS.

Isn't it interesting the degree to which we can put ourselves out there in writing that we might never do while looking into the eyes of even our closes friends?

Christy said...

Great 100th post! I love reading your blog. I am so glad we met over a year ago and exchanged blogs, your writing really does brighten my day or if I need a good laugh I can't go back and read a few and get that! haha. I am grateful that we are blogging friends!

The Peterson Family said...

Wow! The amazing thing is that it is not just 100 ordinary old posts...it is 100 of the most creative, fascinating, entertaining posts I've ever read! Seriously, you are so creative! I am a little jealous sometimes because my posts are just so every day...la-dee-da, but I love reading your blog! I haven't been on any blogs lately cause I just have been a little crazy, but it has been fun to pull yours up again. Who cares that I am sitting here in my sweats and haven't accomplished one thing around the house...Sometimes you just have to say enough is enough to all that. Housework is overrated anyway right? Anyway, keep it up cause I love reading it!