Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rainy Days and Mondays

Even the sun is tired of the rain. Today she emerged defiant, tossing her hair back and sneering down on the puddles and sog. Her arrival coincided perfectly with that of my nephews and niece, thank goodness, because every time I am scheduled to babysit I get a slight case of the hyperventilatings. The sun spells easy breathing for me, and is my ticket to salvation (because, in case you don't know, salvation = letting children run free outside). Whew!

I enjoy the rain, and don't let anyone tell you different. I mean I'm not going to "become a fan" on Facebook over it (mostly because I don't "get" that - it's annoying), but rain is lovely. And don't EVEN get me started on thunderstorms - those are almost better than homemade coconut cream pie with meringue on top! But danged if I don't feel just a little inconvenienced, and maybe just a twee bit paralyzed by all the rain we have had this week! I don't want to go anywhere, because everyone is due for a complete change of clothes upon return. All 57 pair of shoes in the house are sitting in the garage, muddy and wet. My hair is a mass of poodle-worthy frizz. The wet/cold has been absorbed by my every pore , and I am permanently cold...again. Even our new evening running ritual has been suspended until further notice, which I thought I would enjoy, but it turns out I kind of might like (maybe a little, like a half of a bit) to run. Maybe.

The rain seems to have brought with it several unlucky situations. For instance, I had to cancel family pictures. Then my tire got a nail in it. Then I had to buy two new tires. Then the stupid tire place broke a lug nut on poor Bessy The Blue Van, so I had to go BACK. Then they couldn't get her oil pan off (I figured they may as well give her a full examination while they had her in stirrups), so after two hours of waiting, they lent me this beaut for the day:

I tell you what, I have never been so embarrassed to drive across town. I laughed the whole way, and felt like a little old lady, blue velvet interior and all. At least all that laughter was good for my abs and my mood (which was not too great after spending two hours trying to entertain three children in a tire shop - think children literally climbing the walls, tires falling, toddler crying, me covered in black tire marks...need I say more?). Even better was the drive back to pick up ol' Bess, cause I made Ty drive the boat, and enjoyed picturing him as:
A. a pimp
B. a low-riding gangsta'
C. an awfully good looking 80-year old man
It was the most entertaining thing that happened that day, which probably speaks volumes about how boring my life is.

Luckily I treated myself to a new camera, otherwise the entire week would be a wash.

Get it?

Yeah, me neither.


Lena said...

You like running? (I will get to the "your blog was so funny part" later!) I am in shock--You, Miss Andrea have been running? and you miss it? I don't know if I will be able to sleep after that revelation (and I really need to cause I gotta get up at 5:00 to go running!)

Really, you are hilarious x's 100 x's infinity + 1 = you

ps--I have been wondering what the weather must be like up north since we have had some seriously cool weather (less than 100--which is amazing for the big AZ in June!) Sorry you are freezing! Our kids think they are freezing here too! (seriously...not a joke.)

Amber said...

Please, oh please tell me you got more pics of the beeeautiful car. I realize the new camera was great and all, but that car would have made my whole week. Actually, seeing you drive that beast would have made my whole year. Sooo did you reschedule pictures? I am so eager to see what Pam is gonna do w/ your sweet family. And you too, right? You are allowing her to photograph the whole clan, no? Oh and I am thinking of just taking a drive up there some weekend. But it will have to be after I turn 30, because then I can do whatever I want, whenever I want.

Emily said...

I am fickle about rain as well. I like a good ol' warm, drenching thunderstorm, & then sun right after & everything dry again the next day, if not sooner. Mud = yuck.

What is your new camera?

& finally, You like running? I'm in shock as well!

Amy Jason said...

I love that we are all in such shock over your possible like of running:) Next thing we know you are going to be blogging about the marathon you ran in! ok, maybe that's jumping the gun a little. I love that car. That is so funny! Who has those kind of cars to rent out. I think I am the only one who is loving this weather lately. Im just dreading the 90 degree weather so I have been so happy every day that it is a little overcast. Sounds like you have been having lots and lots of rain though. We have just been having overcast days with rain here and there, and then the sun will peak through at times during the day. So it hasn't been complete downpours every day. That would get old. Anyways. Im rambling as I often do. What kind of camera did you get? It's so fun to have a nice camera that takes nice pictures. You will love it! And we who love your blog will love it too! When we first got our camera we took more pictures in one month than we had taken in the whole year before! So happy shooting:)

Rindee said...

I'm jealous of your new camera. I've been jonesin for one for awhile. Sometimes when I'm in a rut, a new toy seems to distract me until I can get out of the rut, then all is well with the world again.

Marianne said...

It doesn't matter what it is, you make everything sound thrilling. Besides, I think that's pretty funny too. It's finding pleasure in the everday things that makes life worth while. I would have liked to have seen both of you drive that beauty. At least you were laughing. I probably would been slouching as far down as possible so no one would be able to see what poor soul was driving that thing.

P.S.- I'm glad you enjoyed my music. I would also have liked seeing you be a dancing fool.

Whitney said...

Andrea- you are hilarious! I saw that car in your garage and thought your g'ma was visiting! j/k glad bessie is okay now. Chloe wants to play this week (she made sure I knew after we left church) I think she had her eye on your daughters wedding dress :) We need to hang out more, what is it - with us americans , we can't even walk down the street and be social! The volkswagen comments were fun too.. It's too ironic all these things we have in common; even belly dancing instruction!

sharlee said...

CUTE CAR! This rain and this headache/something weird I can't get rid of is also making me crazy. Kimi and her kids are riding the bus from Preston to my house in the morning. I'd invite you but I think 10 kids in this house on a rainy day will do. I miss my sisters! I feel like I've been in a cave for the past week and I need to ESCAPE!
How's the camera?

Stephanie said...

Car, I think more like boat on wheels. Ah well, it did it's job.

Oh, and I didn't know about those goats, so I looked them up on youtube (because they have everything!) and it's almost sad. Poor, little, genetically malfunctioning dears.

Well, happy shooting with your new Cannon.

Christy said...

I SOOOO enjoy your blog posts that I come back and read them again and again...so to be honest, I read this the day you posted but didn't have time to comment. Now I am reading it again and laughing all over again! I am reading it with cookies, because then it's a double treat...get it? yeah.
Nice camera! I was just telling my husband last week that I can't wait till we have money(which is never) to get a camera where I can take pictures of the kids and I don't have to hold the botton down for five seconds before it snaps the picture and then my kids have moved and it took a picture of the back of their head... I have so many of those. Irritating really.
And that car... BOAT really, how funny is that! haha.Have fun scrapbooking tonight! Thanks for the invite.

Rozel (a.k.a. Michelle) said...

Better a late comment than never? I hope?!?!?

a) I am proud of your running. I have been off the running wagon since my half. Life has been so crazy busy(ok, that is all I have in my bag of lame excuses). I hope to get back on the wagon in May.

b) I won’t post my inappropriate comment on which character I picked for your husband as he drives the pimp-mobile.

c) Guess what the weather is like today? Rain with a side order of rain. I had to go to my colleges commencement outside in the rain. Good thing we got to be under the tent. The crowd? Not so lucky.

d) I don't get the facebook fan thing either but if your blog popped up as an option I would sooo become a fan. My "story" would say: "Michelle became a fan of Andrea O'Shumans blog"

PEACE OOOOUUUUTTTT SISTA' (just in case your husband chose to be a gansta')

T-licious D-zire and C-hillins said...

I hope you made your husband wear a purple fuzzy hat and a robe when he drove the car back! And I'm soo sorry you had to wait 2 hours with 3 kids in a tire shop.... ugh! But I'm happy you're happy about your new picture taking device... I'm sure I'll benefit from it whilst I view cute pics of you and your family.

Mardee Rae said...

Ugghh, even having to entertain myself in a tire shop is nauseating. Also, I totally approve of your title. Also, I agree with you on rain and your previous opinions on running completely. Also, please continue to pour down your words of hilarity as a summer thunderstorm. Oh, and love the car. And that you laughed the whole time you drove it.