Monday, February 15, 2010

The Thought

Here's the naked truth: I love Valentine's Day.

Okay, so maybe it's not completely naked. More like the bra-and-underwear truth, really.

I am so tired of everyone (I tend to over generalize) belly-aching about "commercial" holidays. I find myself wanting to scream, "If it weren't for commercialism, we wouldn't have any holidays (or at least very few), and wouldn't life be boring, so just enjoy it and shut your mouth, you idiot." In much the same way that I want to yell, "Every name is made up; do you think that Henry, Harriot, Eleanor, and Eliza just existed for our foremothers to pluck from thin air?" to people who are bothered by "made up" names. Give me a break. But I could write an entire novel on naming children, so don't get me started on THAT. What I really want to discuss is trivial holidays.

So yes, I love commerce. I mean Valentine's Day. What's not to love? Can you blame the candy companies, the jewelry companies, the lingerie companies, and the flower companies for taking advantage of our need to celebrate? Especially in the middle of February? I don't. I say, "More power to 'em!" And then I make the "rock on" symbol and do a little head-banging and air guitar. And then I look around to make sure no one was watching, and I feel a little foolish. But I get over it. That's how devoted I am.

In fact, I decided that I need a holiday EVERY month that is recognized in niceties and small gifts. Who cares if it is strictly made up for the profit and gain of large corporations plotting our downfall? It makes me feel good to concentrate on love and giving. And yes, we should show our love every day, and our spouses shouldn't only hear kind words one day a year, etc., etc. But what's wrong with a little EXTRA attention to love and romance? What's wrong with another excuse to reminisce together about the day you met, your first date, your first kiss, your first Valentine's Day? What's wrong with celebrating Valentine's Day for one day longer than your husband can possibly have the patience for (I vote for a three-day weekend Valentine's Day every year)? And what's wrong with trying EXTRA hard to do something nice for someone you love?

Because, after all, it IS the thought that counts, but every once in a while a girl (me) likes something more tangible than a thought. Even if it's just a love note and a (more thoughtful) slap on the behind.

And if you are still a Valentine Scrooge, please take a moment to consider the following: What about all those women you see in Walmart? You know the ones. They scream at their dirty-onesie-clad children whose kool-aid stained faces have never been washed. Don't those women deserve one day a year when their boyfriends put on a clean shirt and treat them special? I think they do.

So rock on, Valentine's Day.

Rock on.


Mardee Rae said...

Amen sister, AMEN!!!! I also love the day. And if you weren't already proud of your little cousin for being a chip of the ol' (andrea) block, when I was a teen working as the receptionist/admin assistant/salesperson at Sprinkler World I started making up holidays each week to boost morale. Holidays=a breath of fresh air for our souls, and a little commercialism just makes that breath feel a a little more real.
And I love your point about "made up names". You go, girl.
Running for president anytime soon? I'm looking for a candidate to protect things like trivial holidays and naming rights.

Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

AMEN, sister friend!!

I would totally vote for you--as long as Mardee was your Vice President. You speak the truth.. the bra-and-underwear truth. I think the American people are ready for that..

Lena said...

I am suddenly more fond of valentine's day. Next year I will try harder to strip down to my bra and underwear and show a little love. That was highly inappropriate, I apologize.

The Kelly Variety said...

I get your point. This onesie-clad Momma is drinking kool-aide next year for a special Valentines Day at Walmart! (Forget that visual.) I love the Holiday too and if it wasn't commercialized I couldn't buy all my cute decor at the dollar store.

Amber said...

You see I love V-day and I hate it all rolled into one. I love that it gives us a reason to show love and go out to dinner and get flowers. I adore that part. But I hate that some people use V-day as the only time to do so. Why give flowers as a just because when there is a national holiday coming up. I want both. My cake and eating it too and all that jazz. I always want someone to show me love. Kinda like my birthday. And you know how I feel about that.

ps. Having worked at the bank inside Walmart for way too long, too many of those ladies don't deserve clean shirts or special treatment. They are rude and dumb and mean and I hate them. Some of them anyway. The others, sure. They deserve it. And wow I didn't realize how haunted I was by that place.

Rozel said...

How DARE you tell me to "Shut my mouth" and call me an. . . an . . "idiot"! I am just flabbergasted!

Ok, it is true I don't celebrate V-day but I am not above accepting gifts or eating all the chocolate! Oh how I love holidays for the chocolate.

I want to know why we don't celebrate groundhogs day. Why don't we send each other ground hogs day cards? Eat groundhogs day cupcakes? Have little groundhogs day chocolates? Little brown hairy ribbons, bracelets or bumper stickers?

I demand equality for the groundhog!

Emily said...

Woa. I dislike commercialism, Valentine's Day & I named my son Henry.

Please don't be mad at me.

Sharlee said...

What I love are the comments on this post! I love Valentine's day in theory but I always feel a little bit of pressure to make it something grand and I never have the gumption to actually do it and so posts like this just make me feel guilty. I love pink frosted sugar cookies, chocolate, heart-shaped candy, and hearts of any kind. What I hate about Valentine's day are the ugly red stuffed animals and cheesy gifts that are advertised. I went to walmart a couple of days before valentines day and there was a table set up where they were filling these huge balloons with valentine's gifts for people--it must have been a free service with the purchase of some ugly valentine pajamas or a bear holding a heart that says "Happy Valentine's Day". I couldn't believe the LINE and couldn't help but think that their money could be spent on something much more useful. I would throw up if my husband brought me home something like that.

Anonymous said...

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The United Statements of Merica said...

these comments are hilarious! I love valentines day for the kids, and cookies. It's fun to decorate, and make things, and have a fun day.. Holidays ROCK! But I gave up being disappointed that my husband doesn't treat it as a day to celebrate our love the year we ran into each other at Walgreen's in the card isle 10 min. before he was supposed to be home to pick me up for our date. We had a good laugh, and saved the $8 we would have spent on cards. We just picked one out for each other and then put them back.
Valentines day comes conveniently 3 months before our anniversary and serves as a reminder to step it up in time for our REAL holiday of LOVE