Friday, August 13, 2010


Today a guy on a motorcycle pulled up beside me at a light and revved his engine over and over, did little back and forth tricks, and waved his arms to try to get my attention. I put on my sunglasses and looked the other way.

(If you read my pick up posts, you will understand why I am a little paranoid of strange men even glancing in my direction)

He turned left, and I went straight. Then I felt bad, and wondered if maybe he was just trying to be nice and tell me I had a flat tire or something.

Then I remembered that he was wearing skater shoes, and knew he was just begging for some attention.

Cause guys that wear frumpy skater shoes don't offer friendly flat tire assistance.

Words to live by.

*Blogger is having picture publishing issues today. Sorry to leave you high and dry. And boring.


Sharlee said...

Not one bit boring. Wow. All the guys in your town are just dying to get your attention. Guys that wear skater shoes don't even know how to tie their shoes, let alone change a tire. Glad you didn't look.

Are you sure it wasn't someone you knew?

Parley and Anna and family! said...

Yes, it was probably just your friendly neighbor saying hello! You are such a heart breaker. The poor guy was just trying to get a little smile and a wave...maybe a wink too.
I can't believe you weren't dying to hitch a ride with the skater/biker boy!

Michelle said...

That reminds me of that mini-van commercial where the lady thinks the cops are hitting on her and she realizes they are just trying to get her attention because her diaper bag is on the roof. Too funny!