Thursday, August 26, 2010

Some Call Me The Gangster of Love

It started with a call to the sitter. I hate that reference: 'the sitter,' but it makes me sound like such a professional, so I'm using it. Just this once.

Kids: taken care of.

Then I cashed-in a favor from a friend (Amber, you complete me).

Blog duty: off the hook.

Then I did the deed that really sets date night apart from all the rest. I took a shower and shaved my legs. Cause why not? Thought I'd kick fancy in the pants; Pull out all the stops; Throw caution to the wind.

I even wore mascara.

(my husband knows I mean business when I wear mascara. Too bad he can't tell when I'm wearing mascara, or he'd REALLY know how often I mean business.)

And jewelry.

Hot date: on my horizon.

Then, in a completely uncharacteristic fight with my conscience ("well, the kids haven't seen their dad in SOOooooo long, and I'm sure they would love to see his new office, too..."), the home team (me) lost.

Babysitter: laid off.

So, it wasn't all that romantic of a plan to begin with. I wanted to see Ty's new office(s), and then we were meeting a realtor to look through a house I found online (if you don't know me by now, you will never, never, never know me: I have an obsession with real estate. We ARE NOT moving. Calm down. I just like houses. A lot.). I hoped a nice dinner would come after that.

But, anything consisting of just the two of us at this point is considered a hot date. Like blazing hot.

(you take what you can get - and when I say you I mean me)

However, add anything to that two, and suddenly date night turns into yelling at the kids night.

(romance factor: obliterated)

Just another Wednesday.

*The picture is unrelated as usual - just the way I like it.
**I wish I had taken pictures of the house we toured. It was a perfectly preserved '70s gem. Sunken living room, anyone? I was dying of laughter and love.
***No one (that I know of) calls me 'the gangster of love', but I wish they would. Obviously I've got to work on my skills a little before that becomes a reality.


Michelle said...

Shaving legs makes yelling at the kids more aerodynamic.

Amber said...

I'll call you the gansta of love if you come visit me. In fact, I'll call you just about anything you want.

ps. So sad about your smashed plans. What a wasted of a shaved leg, eh?

Amber said...

Or "waste." Either way.

Sharlee said...

I'm more of a space cowboy kind of girl than a gangster of love. It's alright. There's a time and a season for everything.
So how WAS Ty's new office? Is he loving it? LOVE your blog.

The United Statements of Merica said...

what a good husband to go look at houses with you. Used to go to tuesday open houses by myself.. Damian would never go with me. Right now i love to go to home decore, interior design, home depot.. but Damian does not consider that a date, and hates feeling the pressure to take on a home project or buy furniture. I guess he has a point.. i mean, how can you improve on black and gold?

Darcee/Daryl said...

Wow. I haven't read your stuff in a few days. Funny cuz tonight is hot date night for me. Grandma will take the kids. I will actually shower, shave, do my hair and put on makeup (if I think the boys won't kill each other or the baby while I do). I bought jewelry, which I have saved for tonight (so Daryl will think I look nice...and not make me return it....I just don't really "do" always pull it off)..and where are we going? Dinner and a movie? no. I'm making dinner.....sandwiches. Then off to buy a shower caddy. Yep. Hot date night. Are we related or something?