Monday, January 24, 2011


Is it just me, or was Christmas about a week ago? (pretend it was, and this picture will make a little more sense)

(and, dear Blogger, why is there no option for 'underline', and yet we find ourselves here...underlined...again? Awkward.)

I am having a hard time catching up with 2011.

Just when I thought I was gaining on 2010, WHAM! 2011.

It's almost as ridiculous as this underlining dilemma.

I think it's because I vacationed mid-January. It screwed with my biological calendar.

It seemed like a good idea: get away from the cold weather, unravel from the monstrosity-of-a-ball-of-stress I rolled myself into in the weeks preceding Christmas, and do some reading. (Plus, Ty had to go to Houston for some classes anyway, so paying for an extra plane ticket just made sense)

Turns out that driving an unfamiliar rental car in the most confusing traffic system known to mankind for a week is not the most efficient way to relax. Go figure.

If it weren't for the barbecue brisket sandwiches, I would recommend to congress that we sell Texas.

For $1.97.

Editor's Note(s): If you are in any way affiliated with Texas, I don't mean to offend. I realize that my experience may have been exceptional. By all means, I hope it was! But seriously. Not ONE kind or friendly person. NOT ONE. No eye contact or acknowledgment whatsoever. Even with customer service. For five days. Kinda makes a girl want to go home...

and then go back to Texas. Because that barbecue is worth all the death-defying driving and mean people in the world.

And so is being away from real life long enough to want to get back to it.

(Evil genius behind Blogger's random underlining: 1
Andrea: 1 1/2)

(Italics Jerk: 3/4)


The United Statements of Merica said...

My husbands family moved to texas when he was in high school, for 6 months and they couldn't wait to get out of there. Still I'm glad you were able to get away with your husband. And I like the christmas morning picture.

Sharlee said...

Well, when you get caught up to 2011 and figure out how to make that barbecue brisket, call me and I'll come see you.

Parley and Anna and family! said...

They really do have some great BBQ! It's a good thing we don't live there or else I'd way 500 pounds.
My only problem with TX is the critters: bugs and snakes. yikes! Plus the awful humidity.
If I didn't have in-laws that lived there, I'd probably say it's the last place on earth I'd like to live.
I hope my in-laws move someday! :)

Michelle said...

MMMMM yes the bbq is wonderful. I was not a fan of the traffic in Houston. I don't think congress will have to sell Texas. I am pretty sure Texas will leave on their own initiative.

Lena said...

oh my golly-wolly! I vacationed IN texas MID JANUARY as well...but I was in Austin, getting frustrated with the traffic as well, but I did not taste one bite of brisket bbq...not even any bbq (I'm just not a bbq fan--we tried really hard to like it while we lived there). Which, its a good thing I left the state, cuz I am pretty sure that's a crime in tx. But, I would like to go on the record books for saying that "I LOVE TEXAS". And, I especially love my friends--they made our time there "magical" (i watch too much snl). Woo-hoo! TEXAN FOREVER!!!! GO LONGHORNS!!!! (followed by an awkward cheerleader-ish kind of jump-ish thingermejig)

Lena said...

oh yeah, and...