Friday, June 17, 2011

Of Dads, Axes, and Hopping Tools

Ty is teaching the children how to chop wood.

I ran out to snap some photos, and then ran back in. I can't watch.


Well, for one thing, there is an ax involved. And a hatchet.

For another thing, Sylas thinks he is the next-to-last Airbender.

And a third thing: the only snippet of conversation I heard while I was out there with my camera for 32 seconds was,

"Sylas, don't hop around with an ax. It is not a hopping tool."

(said in Ty's quiet, calm tone)

(the tone I reserve almost exclusively for lullabies and fevered brows)

How can he be so unconcerned?

Did he see the ax?

Has he met our children?

I guess that is why some things are best left to the daddy. While the mommy backs away.

(But that doesn't mean I am not sitting here flinching with every loud pound of ax to wood, one ear tuned to emergency frequency)

If it weren't for their father, my children would be wrapped in bubble wrap at all times, and not allowed to leave the house. Most likely.

That is to say, they are lucky to have a fun and opposite-of-me dad.

A dad who lets them learn from their own mistakes.

A dad who always thinks they're old enough.

(remind me to tell you about the time Saylor was 5 days old and Ty tried to teach her to walk, complete with a side-long glance at me (taking pictures) and a, "When DO babies learn to walk, anyway?" Oh, guess I already did)

And capable enough.

And, thank heaven, enough enough.

(cause my worry cup runneth over with just the three we've got)

Dads are the best!

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Jason said...

I can't tell you how happy it makes me to be able to click on your blog confidently, knowing I will be in for a good read!! I am not happy about Mariannes summer stay in the hospital, but I am happy that she requested people to update their blogs every day and I'm SO happy you took on the challenge!
Sounds like your kids are getting some good life lessons while their dad is on summer vacation! That's so great! I am really jealous!
Seriously, you are making a lot of people happy with your stories!! You should feel good about that!
Love ya!
Until I read again...

Marianne said...

That was a sweet Father's Day post. Thank heaven for Dads! If not for them all kids would be bubble wrapped pansies. I'm glad that Noah has already learned gun safety from Dad, but I admit that I like that I stay home while they go on their shooting excursions. There are definitely things for Dads and things for Moms, and I'm happy with the things that are mine.

Thanks for all your fun posts this week! It has been so fun! No pressure to keep it up, but if you did I wouldn't complain, and I'm sure no one else would either. I've told you many times what a good writer you are, and it's true.

Love ya!

Sharlee said...

Your kids are going to be the closest thing to "farm kids" that subdivision of yours will ever see.... thanks to Ty. Your "worry cup runneth over"! Haaa haaa! You KILL me.

Parley and Anna and family! said...

That is awesome! I'm pretty sure I would have a heart attack seeing my kids try to chop wood. Yikes! God definitely knew what he was doing (of course) when he made woman and man, mom and dad. Most of the time I don't even want to know what Parley does with our kids when I'm not around. It scares me.