Friday, September 16, 2011

And You Know That You're The Only One To Say O.K.

Today I saw my sisters.

They agreed to meet me in a town and hang out with me while I furniture-shopped.

Who does that?

Certainly not husbands.

Believe me.

And when you've been searching for the perfect furniture for as long as I have, you know what a gruesome task it is.

But they came. Willingly.

And let me just tell you that furniture shopping with sisters is the only way to go.

Find a highly-recommended, over-stuffed, 1985 boat couch on the showroom floor called the "Dream" collection normally?

Roll my eyes and call me nauseated. And despairing.

But find that same beast with my sisters in tow, and my eyes were suddenly open to all the wondrous sarcasm a furniture store has to offer!

It's like an untapped, alternate, parallel universe of furniture shopping.

A universe in which one laughs so hard, furniture sales people are forced to repeat their questions slowly. Like one is off one's rocker.

I recommend it.

And I recommend my sisters.

(I don't necessarily recommend this picture, but it's the only one I have of some of us together)


Emily said...

I hate furniture shopping, (I hate most shopping) but eventually, someday, probably, I will need new furniture. Maybe I'll have to call your sisters when the time comes! They have a special place in my heart as former babysitters & the ones resposible for introducing me to good 80s music. :)

Sharlee said...

It was sure a fun day. Thanks for coming and shopping in my town. It was a dream (boat).

Michelle said...

Yay for sisters and for new furniture. It took me YEARs to find new furniture and now I am not sure if I like it or if I should have gone with more color. . .such is life.

Kimi Lou said...

Such a fun and funny day, Drea! You're the queen! I think any exhausting task would be fun with you and Shar! Thanks for including me!