Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Giveitaway Now

I am about to blow your mind.

I invented a way to keep all your t-shirts organized in a drawer and still be able to see them.

No more stacks.

No more tossing shirts in your drawer because you're in a hurry and think you'll organize it later, only to discover that you are always in a hurry, and so just wear the same two top-of-the-stack shirts all the time, and then six months down the road bite the bullet and empty your drawer, and then realize how many long sleeve shirts you actually have that you forgot about, but now it's summer so what a waste!

No more of that.

I don't know why I never thought of it sooner, and maybe you all have (and if that's the case, I am a little hurt that you never told me about it), but just in case, here is the best idea I have had in the past 4 months:
Four months, and I haven't had to re-organize at all. Not even a fraction of a smidge. Well, except that I've added a half dozen or so t-shirts to the mix, which has made it a little tight in there. This morning I had to wrestle my way into the gray section.

I can see everything, which gives me a better sense of what I am not wearing. Which means that I will be getting rid of more clothing items and buying less (unless it's gray and on clearance, of course).

And since I love you so much, and since you read my blog, I will share this invention with you FOR FREE. But it's only for a limited time until I can copyright this baby and make some sweet, hard cash. So get it while it's hot!

Now I can say I do giveaways on my blog.



Lena said...

it looks amazing. want to come work on my closet?

Sharlee said...

So, are those shirts folded or rolled? I need a tutorial.

Andrea said...

Sharlee, they are folded, but quickly, so kind of a fold-roll (folderol?)

Lena, I'll work on your closet if I get to visit with you while I do it - and if you buy my plane ticket.

Parley and Anna said...

Great idea! I think you can claim Genius Status for this one!

Kimi Lou said...

Great idea! Thanks for giving it away! I wish I owned enough t-shirts to fill a drawer and a drawer to organize them in. -- Maybe a showbox?

Michelle said...

Can I be your sidekick on QVC when you sell your idea/gizmo that makes the t-shirts stay like that? I would settle for the black-and-white footage of the crazed lady (actress=me) who is frazzled and thowing cloths around while the narrator says "does finding a t-shirt at your house look like this?"

Darcee/Daryl said...

Um......sorry. My boys shirts are all rolled in the drawers (shallow drawers). Hadley's drawers are quite deep, so hers are folded, but put in sideways like files. (I don't have any drawers for me.) I didn't know you needed me to share. I'll let you take credit, even if my kids clothes have been like that for longer than 4 months. Just don't be mad I never told you.