Monday, December 19, 2011

You're the One for Me, Fatty

The Shufolk don't make cookies for Santa.

We have better (and by better I mean different. and better) things to do on Christmas Eve.

One year, the kids were so desperate to leave him SOMEthing, that they left a plate of carrots out. Or they leave pennies. Or anything else that catches their eye. Other than that, the plan (of not baking or leaving out cookies) has been a success.

But some kid at school always has to make trouble for me by flaunting his/her cookie-baking tradition in front of my children.

(my only comfort is in hoping my children do the same, and some mother in town is getting an earful about how Samera gets to do such-and-such, and why don't they. except I am not that fun of a mom, so I doubt it)

So today, while the Shulittles made presents for Santa, Samera muttered to herself,

"I wish we could make cookies for Santa."

and then, louder,

"Mom, why can't we make cookies for Santa?"

I reminded her that Santa is so sick of cookies by the time he gets to our house because every other boy and girl leaves cookies out for him, blahdidah...

She interrupted me with,

"Yeah. That's why he's so fat."

And I giggled, because, yep.

Cookies actually ARE why "he" is so fat.

side-note: is anyone else having trouble with blogger lately? i still have spellcheck, and an add-a-picture option, but everything else is gone. it's annoyingly mysterious.


Sharlee said...

So funny. I just had the same conversation with Jonah but was left feeling guilty because we use to have the cookie tradition when the big boys were his age. He gets the raw end of a lot of deals because we are older and wiser (and lazier) than we were when the big boys were his age.
Besides, what happened to "leave a peppermint stick for old saint nick-- hangin' on the Christmas tree"? I could do THAT.

Kimi Lou said...

We've come up with the awesome tradition of leaving some left-over neighbor's goodies for Santa along with a big glass of milk. (That's MY contribution.) He doesn't really care what he gets, just needs a little fuel to get to next stop, right?

Michelle said...

If I had kids I think I would make cookies for "Santa" just so I could eat them.