Monday, March 5, 2012

Tax Question

Ty's back hurts.

It has for years. And no amount of physical therapy has helped.

Yesterday I gave him a massage, and he was impressed with his increased range of motion after.

He told me I should go to Massage School so he can have free massages every day.

So I took that idea and improved it:

This morning I went and got a massage.

I am calling it 'training' and 'research'.

How many research massages does a girl need to get before she can be considered a professional masseuse, do you think?

Cause I'm willing to put in the time and effort necessary. Even if it means a massage every single week from now on.

That's how committed I am.

Today's research uncovered that the left side of my neck is really tight: I need to train myself to stop sleeping on my stomach. Also, peppermint massage oil might be my new favorite.

I feel good about my first day. It was productive and informative. And heavenly.

My question for you is,

Can I write these massages off as 'education'?


Stephanie said...

I love your spin on things. Research all you want, but just like doing my own taxes does not make me an accountant (but if it did, would find a way for you to right off those trips to the spa), I'm afraid you might be in the same boat. Too bad, really. Wish I could research with you, though.

Emily said...

Just one more thing we have in common - husbands with bad backs. I hate massages though. Weird huh?

Michelle said...

Do you need a research assistant? I am available!

The United Statements of Merica said...

yeah.. what a coincidence. A massage is the only thing that will work huh? Sounds suspiciously like what I tell my husband. My back pain went away with my last 2 yr old, but he doesn't need to know.