Monday, February 11, 2013

Keep On Survivin'

Yesterday in church I substitute-taught a Sunday School lesson for adults.

It made me reflect on all the times I've asked my husband, "How did your lesson go?" after he teaches.

And how unnecessary that question is.

It's not a matter of how.

It's either you survive it, or you do not. And since, for the most part, there is no option BUT to survive, the question answers itself.

Every time.

So, how did my lesson go?

It went. And now it's gone.

Thank goodness.


Kimi Lou said...

Way to go, Drea! That is hard to do when it's your CALLING let alone as a sub! You're amazing! I have to give the 1st Sunday lesson in R.S. everythird month (First time next month.) and I have been having random anxiety attacks whenever I think about it for too long for the past month and a half! Teaching adults who know more than me is intimidating!