Wednesday, February 6, 2013

WARNING: This Post Contains 20 Pictures

 I try really hard not to post gratuitous pictures of children and parties and family celebrations. In fact, for the most part, I like this place to be mine alone. My thoughts, my weirdness, my therapy. Mine, mine, mine. Of course that usually involves the mention of my family, as I have no life outside the perimeter of my yard, but I like to believe that I don't often write blog posts dedicated to cataloguing, showcasing, or chronologizing my everyday life. That's what my (nonexistent) journal is for.

But I need to face the facts: I don't have anything to write about, so I don't write anything, so then I can't remember anything. And I don't write in a journal. Plus, my dad keeps urging me to blog, and my sister told me to post about Samera's baptism because she got sick and couldn't come. Blame it on them if you want to.

I am about to inundate you with boring-to-everyone-but-a-select-few-who-pretend-not-to-be-bored-by-such-things photos and details of the last several weeks.

I now present, Samera Turns Eight:

 First, we had her family party. She wanted a cake with oreos on one half and M&M's on the other, and filled with the same, but with the candy switched. Got it? Yeah, it was confusing for me, too.

 Then she had her first friend party. She wanted to decorate cupcakes, so we had a baking theme, complete with aprons and colorful cupcake liner flowers on chef hats.

Of course a pinata was involved. And there was only one casualty: the birthday girl. I was just glad it was my kid that got trampled in the candy stampede and ended up with a bloody lip. No one wants to send a child home from a birthday party with a wet rag hanging out of her mouth.

Then, a couple weeks later, on February 2nd, Samera was baptized. I made her pose, facing the sun, with her cake.

 And with her dad.
 And with my orange thing.

And by herself at the church.

And being fitted for a white jumpsuit.

And with me and Ty
(during which photo I was only praying that the kind ward member who offered to take it was not noticing Ty grabbing my bum)

And with the whole family
(please ignore the strange way in which my limbs are languishing in awkwardness)

We had a small crowd over for an after party. I made a Samera doll for the top of her cake.

My dad is the cutest.

And, since only the top tier of cake was devoured, I recycled the bottom tier for a Super Bowl party the next day. Cause it just made sense.

 Whew! You still with me? You deserve a prize. I am making cookies right now, so I'll eat an extra one just for you.


Stephanie said...

I love pictures. Of course, if I could write like you do, I wouldn't need them. Still. I love your pictures. Congrats to Samera for her baptism.

Anonymous said...

WOW! I've never seen this blog-side of you! I am really impressed by your crafty-mom-talents. You look so beautiful, classy and your family looks so together! I always forget we are grown-ups and then I see my friends doing grown-up things (like prepping for their children's baptisms). Its so surreal.

Kimi Lou said...

You know you are the queen, right? I hope you know I love you anyway! (Happy to see you still gettin' yer bum grabbed at inoportune moments. That's the spice 'o life, don'tcha think?)

Darcee Johnson said...

LOVED IT! (can I steal/borrow the party idea? Hadley won't be having a friend party for 5+ years, so it'll be while 'til I do it.) and, your dad IS the cutest!!!!! I love your whole clan so much.