Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Main Squeeze

Yep, that's him. The man who single-handedly changed my entire philosophy on life. Before Ty I had no use for the opposite sex. My tried-and-true response to the age old, "Sooo...do you have a boyfriend yet?," was, "I don't believe in boys." And I didn't. I didn't believe that there was a boy out there worth my time. Boy howdy was I wrong! Thank goodness!


Andrea said...

No one is leaving a comment here, so I'll go ahead. There is so much to say about the wonderful person I am Mrs. to, but here are my top ten (at least of the ones I can think of right now)favorite things about Tyrone:
1. He is the most patient man in the world.
2. He is smitten with our babies and begs me to take more pictures of them, since they're growin' so fast.
3. He is funny - I have to beg him to stop most times because my cheeks just can't take the smiling/laughter any longer...which only spurs him on to make me laugh harder.
4. He thinks I'm perfect and discourages me from dwelling on imperfection.
5. He knows me better than I know myself.
6. He listens intently to everything I say, and then remembers it!
7. He has few strong opinions, which is sometimes frustrating, but it allows me to do whatever I want and always get my way :)
8. Even though I am probably by far the craziest person he deals with each day, he never judges me or tries to "fix" me, like I'm his client.
9. He honestly fits every single thing on my "list of things to look for in a husband" that I made in college - even the silly ones that don't matter ie: green eyes, doesn't like watching sports.
10. He chose me, when he could've had "what's her name."