Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Introducing Our First Blog

So, first of all, did anyone else agonize over the title of their blog, or was it just me? First I wanted to go with "more Shuman than human," you know, from the Rob Zombie song, "More human than human" (Ty used to tease his little brother about the lyrics, telling him it said, "More Shuman than human")... now it's "our" song. Anyway then I looked up the lyrics and that was the end of that. Let's just say that, other than the catchy chorus and tune, the song isn't necessarily one I would quote in social circles to lighten the mood.
Second of all I don't know the first thing about creating a blog, so this could be a waste of everyone's time. However, I am the first to admit that I need therapy, and since writing feels therapeutic to me, write I will. No one said you have to read what I write. I reap the benefits of poetic license whether you read or not.
Third of all, and lastly, I am rationalizing the time I anticipate spending on this by using it as the journal I never had. Meaning for you: I may wax wordy and boring. Feel free to skim over the pictures I post, get updated, and move on. Have I done enough introducing yet...?


Matheson's said...

YES! I am the very 1st to comment on your new BLOG! First off- you ROCK for attempting this most trendy form of journaling. I am so excited to FINALLY see pics of your cute family.

Amber said...

Yeah for blogging!!! I'm so excited to see you on here and to get updates on your adorable little family (of course that means you have to actually update us!!!). I've forgotten how witty you are. It is all coming back to me now!

sharlee said...

Love it, Boo. Ever so clever and cute--just like YOU!

Marianne said...

You have always been so modest about your writing skills. Well, I don't care what you say, I loved reading your posts. You're so hilarious! Your family is so cute, and you're such a good mama. Can't wait to see more posts. Bytheway, I love your title. Mine is so clever- "The Orton Family." Wow!

The Palmer Family said...

CUTE BLOG! Job well done. Keep it up! It looks awesome. You ARE so creative and witty! It was fun to see you back in October and see your cute new home. Can't wait to see you in June again, right? Samera looks like Tevia.. I think! Do you ever hear that?