Monday, March 10, 2008

March 2-8, 2008

Highlights from our schedule last week included:
A much-needed haircut for Sylas
before (left) after (right)

Sylas HATES having his picture taken, and hides or hits the camera, making it very difficult to take his picture.

Moose-spotting in the back yard:

We spotted it, but thanks to my fancy camera work you probably can’t. We have a friendly neighborhood moose that runs through the field behind our house (and into our backyard – yikes!) every once-in-a-while. Between that, the pigeons (which we like to target practice on – don’t tell the animal rights people), ducks, hawks, and geese, we really feel like we’re “one” with nature (aside from killing the pigeons).

Spontaneous photo shoot while we were moose-spotting:

I had to grab the moment while it was hot and snap-up some unsuspecting kids.

“Date Night” with the gals

I never understood the whole girls night out thing when I was newly married, as I’d rather be with my husband, but after three children, an 83-year-old lady, and no babysitter in sight, it has been my saving grace many-a-crazy time! Since all of us have three or more children, and are less than thrilled about other people watching them (resulting in few, if any, dates with our husbands), the girls in my old neighborhood and I decided to get together every two weeks for family b-b-q’s. After an entire summer of dragging our husbands, kicking and screaming (on the inside) to these neighborhood get-togethers (which we had to prepare for all day long, referee the kids during, and clean up after) we decided we would just go out to dinner by ourselves once a month. In the last two years the group has evolved from the original five: Holly, Jana, Cheryl, Sunshine and me. Jana moved to Boise, Sunshine and I moved to Chubbuck (a long ten minute commute from the old neighborhood) and Charlene moved into my old house, so she became the new girl. These are some of my very favorite girls, and getting together once a month is something I look forward to. I can safely say that they are the only aspect of ol’ Hawthorne Avenue that I miss, and the reason I can’t have any more children – who else would feed me for two weeks after the baby is born?

Other photoless highlights from last week were driving to Afton, Wyoming with my husband – just the two of us; Playing host to my mom and four of her sisters for a few moments while they made a pit stop at my house on their way to Canada; caulking, caulking, and caulking some more in the basement (not so much a highlight as a nightmare I’d like to forget, but can’t, as I’m not finished yet); and scrapbooking for the first time in almost four years! Go ahead, give me an e-pat on the back.


sharlee said...

There's nothing like a good girls night out to save your sanity, eh? It was fun to see the friends you've mentioned many-a-time.

Amber said...

The most logical step after buying a mini-van is to start scrapbooking. One of my girlfriends has been trying to convert me for some time, but I am just not crafty enough (or maybe I am too much of a perfectionist I get sick of working on one page for hours!). And I think girl's nights are my saving grace! I soo look forward to them. Final thought, I won't tell about your pigeons if you don't tell about our attempt to eliminate most of the whistle pigs in the Treasure Valley!!

Crowther Clan said...

You look so cute! I wish I was your neighbor or even an hour away and I would come to your girls night out! We are hoping to make our way to Eastern Idaho soon though, so I will let you know! Anyways. I love your pictures!