Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Happy Rex Manning Day...err...Birthday!

Actually, it's NOT Rex Manning Day (unless EVERY day is Rex Manning Day for you). It's just the birthday of two of my favorite people. Sorry for the confusion. First off, it's my very own dad's birthday today - hallelujah for those guys, huh? I'm pretty much convinced that there never was a better dad.
The other birthday person? My friend of 21 years (Yeah, can you believe I'm old enough to have had a friend for that long), Emily. I'm so glad she gets to tread the new territory of 29 (and, gasp, 30) first so she can let me know how it goes before I try it. She was always the brave one. On our first day of college after my parents left me all alone in a new town, new house, new state (physically and mentally), I was certain I would die of fear. I sat in my new room with a strange girl to whom I was certain I could never relate, choking back the tears, trying to be brave. And even though we hadn't seen each other for six years, as soon as Emily got there (and her parents abandoned her as well) it was like 5th grade again (probably more so than we want to remember), and I knew I would survive! We were inseparable (again) from then on, to the point of being referred to as the "Borg." So here's lookin' at you, Benny! Here's to synchronized swimming (which I quit when you moved), writing letters for 7 years, Mt. Timpanogos caves, Oh Yeah Orange Pineapple, Hamburger Scrambled Egg Brownies, our Wall-O-Boxes, Know What I Love/Know What I Hate, talking about everything and feeling understood, Pop Up Videos, Levis commercials that say, "WHAT is your DEAL?!", staying up 'til 4:00 am (tried that lately?), skipping class just because we'd rather talk, our "a few good men" wall, being "best roommates", fun letters provided by Virginia and Emily Ann, Disco-Homework Parties, feeling invincible, Celestial Days, Brick...HOWWWSE, Crestwood #7, Victo, numbo 5 (ended up being Ty's roommate, Ty's apartment...if I had only known), boyfriend dinners, Matching Shirt Week, moldy carpet, v-neck sweaters, and especially to being friends for the next 21 years (WE can never be 40, can we?)! Love ya.


sharlee said...

Gee...I wish I knew what all of those "inside" jokes meant. After reading your post I am thankful for Emily too, for being such a good friend to my wittow sistow. I used to babysit Emily, so...that tells you how old I am getting. Yuck.

Emily said...

Thanks Andrea! I just got home from work & read this post & it made me laugh & cry! Just like the old days. I'm so glad you brought up Virginia & Emily Ann's letters, & matching shirt week, &... everything! So many memories, from playing on the monkey bars in 3rd grade, to jumping out of the treehouse onto your tramp, to being roommates at Ricks, to you you leaving me for your new roommate Ty & telling me I should get married too, ASAP. That turned out to be good advice! I love that no matter how much time goes by we always just pick up again where we left off - that probably means we revert right back to 5th grade - Oh well! I love you too! Here's to all the 29th birthdays in our future! ;)

Sharlee - you & your sisters were our favorite babysitters ever. Oh how Maryann & I loved & looked up to you girls!

Matheson's said...

A little late sorry- I'm a total slacker- HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY hope you had a fun day! Ahhh- I too enjoyed Riv. days with you girls- wish we roomed in 15 together- I did however enjoy my days there the next year but missed you both too. Excited to go back this summer and visit.