Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Day 1

Today will forever be known as "Day 1" in a 90 day get-healthy-or-die campaign in which Ty and I are taking part. I went grocery shopping last night, spent my entire month's grocery budget on one week's worth of food, came home to clean out our freezer, refrigerator, and cabinets (by the way I just could not make myself throw anything away, healthy or not I spent money on it, and by golly it's going to get eaten!), and set my alarm for 1 hour earlier than usual to prepare breakfast, lunch, and our allotted snacks for the day. So far so good. In fact this is more food than I've ever eaten in a day - at least healthy food. We are supposed to start our new exercise regime tonight after we put the kids to bed, but we'll see what happens. I'm thinking if I can just develop better eating habits it will have been a success! While I WILL spare you the "before" photos, be forewarned that, come 90 days, I will be posting "after" shots in my swimsuit. Just kidding. Not even my husband is allowed to see me in a swimsuit (what's funny is that you think I'm teasing). We are just fed up with feeling tired and cruddy all the time, and I am convinced that it has to do with our food intake and lack of exercise. While I enjoy cooking, and make at least two meals a day (I won't count lunch, since it's usually a sandwich, mac-n-cheese, or chicken muggets (Samera's coinage - I like it better than nuggets)), I use a lot of butter, cream soup, cheese (mostly of the cream variety), and other such empty calorie fillers in my cooking, and far too few vegetables & fruits. Ty is supposed to be pretty watchful of his diet for kidney stones' sake, but it has taken me this long to be willing to climb on board the healthy train myself. But now I'm here, so watch out! At least for a week...until my supply of very expensive, extra healthy food runs out.


sharlee said...

Way to go Ty & Andy! It is hard to eat better but it really will make you feel better. It IS expensive, though, dang-it. When I cut out dairy, beef, white flour, sugar, and all other processed foods, my headaches went away and all my joints started feeling much younger. Now if I could motivate myself to exercise EVERY day and not just once or twice a week....Good luck with your venture.

Christyeve said...

That's awesome! I try to eat better and do good for like a day...ok an hour, then I spot the cookies or chocolate and it's all over. I guess I don't quite have WILL down yet..but the exercise is a little easier for me then letting go of all the yummy food.