Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mud Puppies

I know, I know. Three posts in one afternoon! I was feeling guilty for neglecting my precious blog for so long. I just haven't had the time I would like to devote to it lately, nor do I have any now, so I'm posting mostly pictures, which should fill the void until I can steal away for some more quality writing time at a for now unspecified later date. I took these pictures a couple nights ago when we finished filling our garden boxes with fancy soil mix. If you will imagine for a moment the most muddy mud hole in the entire universe and then multiply that by 4 and square it, since it has done nothing but rain for the past three weeks, then you'll have an idea of what our yard is like. Luckily the kids played mostly on our huge boulder hill and the adjoining dust mound. All things considered, the kids stayed pretty clean (which well they should have, as we asked them repeatedly to stay on the rocks or go in the house), but these pictures don't do justice to the amount of dirt I had the pleasure of cleaning up that night. I can't wait to have grass!


Emily said...

Hey, dirty kids = happy kids! Your grass is coming up so nicely. Fun for you! I am jealous of all your rain. I better not hear you complaining about that again. ;) I wish I could come see your yard in person. Take lots of pictures next week! I'll have to e-mail you about the next time I'll be up north.

sharlee said...

Of course Sylas is the dirtiest of them all. Imagine if you had all boys what a mess you would have had to clean up! I'm sure the girls did pretty good but it looks like Sylas has enough dirt on him for ten girls.

Amber said...

Oh I remember the perils of new landscaping. Lucky for us I was pregnant with Claire during the muddiest times so I only had one to clean up after! Somehow though, even with most of our landscaping complete, the girls still find muddy spots all the time. UGHH!