Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday Beast

I decided to take some pictures of the girls this morning. I just can't resist them when they're clean: teeth brushed, hair done, clothes unsoiled - nothing better!

Then Sylas joined us for the fun (after much persuasion)

Then the fun ended with a quick-as-lightening push, sending Samera and Saylor reeling. You can see the little culprit's elbow in the side of the shot as he is whisked away to "time out" by his father. My camera's delay caused me to miss what would have been a prize-winning shot of the attack of the Sunday Beast - dang it. If you look at the photo before this you may notice the premeditation happening before your eyes, as Sylas pretends to want to hold hands with Samera. Sly.


sharlee said...

You are so funny. I tell you what, I can't blame him a bit. That's sort of how I feel on Sunday mornings too, dad-blam-it! Your girls shur looked purdy! They didn't deserve such a blow! Sly Sy (Sigh!).

Emily said...

I love Sunday mornings too, after my girls are in clean pretty dresses & I've done 4 heads of hair. (How did I end up with 3 daughters, me, who barely manages to do my own hair half the time?) It's a fine line to get them ready in time for church, but not so early that they mess up their hair & have time to play outside on the rocks in their dresses.

Cute pictures! I need to meet your kids!

Amber said...

I always take the before pictures and forget to take the after pictures because I am fuming mad that they have stained their dresses and pulled out their braids. UGGGHH! At least Sy is a cute beast because then he can get away with it!