Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Roots Revisited

I'm just not patient. That's all there is to it. I wanted to wait until I got all my pictures together, and until I processed the entire weekend into some sort of semblance of thought, but I am afraid that if I wait I will forget the way this experience made me feel, and I really need to record it before that happens for future reference.
For those of you who may be wondering what I'm babbling about, I was blessed to enjoy a Ricks reunion last Friday with two of the best girls on this earth. We lived at "The Riv" together, although they were not my official roommates, ten years ago.

Del, Linds, Me (not pregnant - just a breeze blowing up my shirt, but thanks for the concern)

We all sojourned to our "Mecca", meeting for lunch at Craigo's at noon for a day of footloose, fancy-free reminiscing. I fumble for words to describe the experience! It was incredibly refreshing and rejuvenating, and, although I DON'T cry, a little tear-jerking at times I must admit (thank goodness for sunglasses). We got pedicures (an experience all it's own - let's be honest, those pedicures may go down in history as the worst ever recorded, but can you blame 'em? They had to listen to us talk, nonstop, for two hours!):

Sorry Linds, we took this later at the hotel.

explored Porter's, walked around campus, visited our old haunts:

Emily, name that apartment complex...this is "numbo 5"

"The laundry room is not a room for romance."

"our" spot - and I'm sure a million other couples' spot

Does anyone else recognize this alley, or was I the only one who stopped making out long enough to notice my surroundings?

went inside our old apartment (well, my old apartment, and Del's her 2nd year):

Number 15

Does that bring back memories or what?

drove around town, ate:

In case you were wondering, Fong's only tasted good because we were poor, starving college students. Did anyone else get food poisoning? I was sick until today!

shopped at a Dollar Store (was it Horkey's?...by the way Lindsay, I am honoring your request not to post my picture of you getting down and dirty shopping. It's a shame because it's a really cute picture), had ice cream, and talked and laughed until our lungs practically collapsed.
It was a weekend to never forget, and one we need to duplicate more often! I don't know what the other girls thought about it, but for me it was amazing. I was so impressed with the women these girls I met in college have become, and surprised at how quickly I felt like it was only yesterday we were together. I couldn't help but bust a gut over how unchanged these girls are! Lindsay still has the funniest vocabulary I have ever heard, and the quickest exclamations of shock - always newly-coined. Delanie has the same mannerisms and same ready giggle. She still makes you feel like she understands you completely. I have changed, and sometimes I wonder where that girl my husband fell in love with went. Most days I feel old and mean and unfun. It did my heart good to remember that girl again, and to realize that she's still there...somewhere. Maybe the experience wasn't profound for the other two, but for me it was like a discovery of my roots, an awakening of my wilted inner 18-year-old, and a rev of my faith in people engine. Thank you, girls, for allowing me to count you among my closest friends, and for the difficulty you underwent to meet me in Rexburg (hopefully your husbands forgive you ere long). Let's do it again!


Higham Family said...

Amazing. I am amazed at the memories just reading your memories and seeing your pictures brought back. I saw a lot of that dumpster- such a great view my room in #17 afforded me. I would love to join in the fun for the next reunion!

Rindee said...

I have to say that your memories and pictures of my college experience brought a tear to my eye. I haven't been back since I visited you there. I didn't realize how much I missed it. Thank you for sharing. Maybe I oughta organize a Ricks reunion too.

Mattie Rae said...

I'm getting together this weekend with some of my Ricks roommates, but we are meeting in Las Vegas this year.

Oh how fun it would be to have a reunion in Rexburg! Craigos is still there? Do they still have the best breadsticks in the universe? I even had a dream last night that I was in Rexburg! It's a sign!

Matheson's said...

Oh Andrea- but I do understand you still- well I fake it good don't I? What a weekend we had. For a small moment I was able to remember the days of carefree times. So fun and yes we must do it again- I posted too :)

sharlee said...

Yay! It sounds a lot like my roommate reunion! It is something that should be done once a year, isn't it? We would all be better mothers and wives if we could do those things more often...maybe even once a month...or week! I'm glad you had so much fun. I love how you express yourself--I felt as if I was there or wished I had been. Isn't it fun to get in touch with the "old you" again? When I saw those pictures of your apartment I felt really bad that I had never been there to visit you--not even once! What kind of a sister...!
You'll need to expound on the picture of the iron burn mark in the carpet and why it brings back memories (it can't be because it was there when you were, can it?). Nevertheless, it is a hilarious image.

Amber said...

Oh Ricks. My time there was short, but sweet. Is that where McKay and I went to visit you? It looks familiar. I recently met up with some roomies from my college days and we fell back into our fun "olden days" ways. Why do we wait so long to hang out with girls we know we love?? I like the bouts of immaturity and laughter it brings!

Emily said...

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I about lost it when I saw that iron mark! Did we do that? Was it me? I wish I could've been there last weekend. Oh, the memories... I didn't spend much time in the alleyway, but that white brick building gives me goosebumps. & Riviera's balcony is a very romantic place.

It is good to be reminded of who we were when we were just starting to figure out who we were.

Do it again & I'll be there the next time, promise!

Emily said...

Just read Del's blog, the iron mishap was YOU! Hee hee! That is so gross that it's the SAME carpet! The poor girls that live there now!