Monday, July 21, 2008

Blogging: my #1 excuse for not doing housework

Monday is my cleaning day, but I'm too busy basking in the afterglow (and swimming in the piles of laundry) of our vacation to do anything useful. It's hard for me to re-assume my position as housewife after a week away from my post. I've got to ease my way back into reality, so I figure putting off chores a little longer will make the transition survivable. Last week I didn't accomplish a single useful task because I had to shop, pack, and ready everyone for a trip to Utah on Thursday. These items, interspersed with spa treatments (two in one week - I know, I'll never be able to go back to my old life), combined to make the entire week unusual. So even though the actual vacation didn't begin until Thursday morning, it felt a lot longer. I drove the kids to my parents' house on Thursday (of course I detoured wildly in my quest for great shopping experiences) and enjoyed a quiet evening there with my sister-in-law, Emily. Our husbands were supposed to meet us there that night, but called to say they would be coming "first thing" in the morning instead (I SOOOO knew that would happen. They took the opportunity to go "digging" until 3 a.m.). As soon as our kids went to bed, my dad took Emily and I to Baskin Robbins for a late-night ice cream dream vacation. It may sound like a little thing, but it was heavenly! I NEVER get to eat my ice cream before it's melted, or at least infested with little-kid slobber. I actually got to taste my ice cream instead of inhaling it as quickly as possible in the midst of a hundred tantrums and questions. I savored every last morsel of delicious caloric refreshment. Thursday "morning" around noon we left for Lagoon. While I treasure many happy memories of that place, I am now sure it is only because I had never been there with small children. They all had a blast, and it was worth it, but it was exhausting and frustrating, and I felt like I was screaming at the top of my lungs the entire day (even when I wasn't being Captain Mean Mom - it's just so chaotic and crowded I felt that I had to yell to be heard). I think we WILL visit again, but not until our youngest child is at least 10.

We all (minus poor pregnant Emily) got to ride this one

The little kids loved the kiddie pool, and

Saylor & Jaxon had fun in the big pool at Lagoon-a-Beach, which reminds of these days I need to post about my long-time-coming rant on swim suits. Anyways,

Sylas loved the cars

and the airplanes

and the M&Ms. Thank goodness for candy! It's the only way we could persuade him that it was okay for the other kids to ride "big kid" rides without him.

The next day we went to Hogle Zoo. It was another HOT day, but I loved it. I wouldn't recommend Lagoon one day and Hogle the next, as the kids were all extremely tired and grouchy. Sylas began melting down right before we entered the zoo, but perked up when he saw the animals.

Here's the whole gang at the zebra exhibit

This was Sylas' frozen expression of amazement at the giraffes. He sat mesmerized like this for the entire 20 minutes we were there. Can't say I blame him. Giraffes are my favorite, too. Sylas called them doggies, in a sort of strange I-don't-know-what-those-things-are kind of voice. He referred to the rhinos as "stinkies," and they were. Samera liked the turkey monks (monkeys) and cheetos (cheetahs). Saylor just liked everything, but was wondering if there was any cotton candy we could buy. On the way home we stopped at Olive Garden to see if my little brother was working. He wasn't, but we still enjoyed a delicious meal (one of these days, Joel...). Then of course we had to stop at Krispy Kreme (so handy that it's at the same exit as Olive Garden) to stock up on donuts. It was a fun family vacation, made even better by the fact that our kids went above and beyond our expectations and never complained about the long drive. Maybe we CAN take them places after all.


Amber said...

Oh how I love Lagoon! I have been thinking of convincing the hubby to let me plan a family trip there this summer, but I thought the girls might be too young. It seems though that based on your experience that is not the case. It looks like you had so much fun! And I want to hear more about your spa treatments (funny that out of all that was said in your post, that was what stuck out to me!).

Rindee said...

Oh, I wish I could have seen you wile you ere here. We have been in St. George for a family reunion, so we probably missed you anyway. We're heading out againn tomorrow to help Rick's dad for about a week, so unless I get some blogging done there, my poor lonely blog will be lonely for awhile longer.

sharlee said...

Sounds like your family vacation turned out swell. What fun! Lagoon is so fun, but it sucks all of the life out of you and by the end of the day you're left with NOTHING. Atleast, that's my experience with taking kids to Lagoon. Course taking kids anywhere for a whole day does that to me so...Fun memories!

Amber said...

I am surprised you found your way to the recipe. I need to update my page w/ her new blog address, but I'm too lazy! Anyway, I marinate the chicken first. So while I am cutting up the zucchini, the chicken is marinating. Then I let the veggies marinate for about 15 mins. and then throw them all on the grill. I put the zucchinis on the top rack (if your grill has one) and the chicken on the bottom and they usually end up being done around the same time that way.

Oh and thanks for the Lagoon tips. My girls are crazy and would probably be done after waiting in one line! So we will wait. Maybe in a few years we can plan a trip there together when all of our kids are older??!!

Crowther Clan said...

Im so sad I wasn't able to meet up with you! If gas wasn't a million dollars a gallon, we wouldn't even think twice about going to Ogden twice in one week. It stinks. Im glad you guys had fun though. Its not quite the same as when we used to go back in the day... ride the sky ride and check out the boys passing, give them fake names, and spend the rest of the day trying to find them... Oh the good ol' days. Well I hope I will get to see you one of these days!!

Christyeve said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time at Lagoon! Ryan and I were given a cruise for our honeymoon but I wasn't old enough to go on it...weird, I know! SO we went to Lagoon instead, the only problem was though that when we showed up, it was closed!! It had closed the day before! Ya, I know...we suck. We have been wanting to go to Lagoon this summer, but I don't see that happening...anyway cute post, I am glad that I am not the only one that hates to unpack when getting home, I avoid it like the plague, but in the end it always wins...

Matheson's said...

Wow- what a great adventure! I can't believe Sy went on those rides- so fun. I went to Lagoon once. Housework can always wait blogging is far more important :) Somebody's having a BIRTHDAY soon!!!!