Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Posts Are Here Again

Since leaving my blog last I have felt more than a smidge ungrateful. Because I have been given much, I have been skulking around since posting my last masterpiece of doom, hoping to remain unseen by The All-Seeing. You see, I am a wallower. While others choose to see the bright side of things, I tend to want to put on my sunglasses because bright things give me a headache. Ty always tells me (when I put myself down for being pessimistic), "You're not a pessimist...you're a realist," which only exacerbates the problem because then I think, "Yeah, I'm just honest! I'd better sit and spin some more to make sure I get all the "honesty" out of my system." Anyway, point being this: I am no more picked-on than anyone else, I just like to talk (or write) about it a lot more than most. I feel so much better about things after I write them out, so I'm afraid I release my vengeance on all who view my blog. Like I said, I have been blessed beyond that which I deserve. I just don't usually choose to make those topics the theme of my blog. Anyway (I'm serious this time), here are some more uplifting moments I thought I'd share.

Last night (after an entire day of this question, "Mom, when will Daddy be home so we can have a water fight?") Ty made all their dreams come true.

I don't think you can tell, cause the pictures are small, but this one is Samera running blissfully after Saylor with a balloon. I wish I had snapped a shot of her face, wide-eyed with happiness. She threw it, it bounced, Saylor grabbed it, and

threw it back. If you look close you can see that Samera wasn't quite as excited at the sudden turn of events:

Here is Sylas - he got the most wet of anyone, which was great because we were finally able to wash the chocolate frosting from his face that he had refused to let me wipe. I almost took him to the ER about an hour before this picture (he's been sick and suddenly couldn't breath...poor kid. You should hear his hoarse little voice - it's pitiful. This morning I had my back to him and turned to find that he had been crying - I couldn't hear it, but once I looked at his face it was obvious, like a silent film). You'd never have know by the way he enjoyed that water fight! He was in little boy heaven.

Here is a video clip that will give you a taste of Samera's true feelings on water fights. She sure enjoyed the throwing, but not so much the thrown. She mostly just whined the entire time.


Marianne said...

I hadn't had a chance to read your last blog, so I read it before I read this one. You have nothing to worry about! I love what you write because it's how ALL of us feel! We all like to pretend we have it all together 100% of the time, but we don't. At least I sure don't anyway. And good for you for doing all that stuff with your kids! I always think about how I should do it, but I'm too darn lazy. But you've inspired me to try harder. I know this is just an excuse, but it's sometimes hard to do things because of Noah's age. It is funny, though, how when I actually do something fun with him, like dancing in the living room or do an art project together, we both have a great time. Funny how that works! You are a fabulous mom! And trust me, you are not the only one who yells, lets their kids watch movies all day, or loses her patience. Being a mom is hard work! There's no way you can be perfect at it everyday. This is something I need to remind myself frequently because I can get down on myself when I feel like I'm not a good mom (which is about every other day). I just decided I'm going to do the very best I can, and when the inevitable mistake comes along, I won't let it get me down. Anyway, sorry I'm going on forever. I just want you to know that I feel the exact same way as you and that I think you're a great mom!

I love your water fight pictures and the movie is priceless!

Emily said...

I love the action shots of your kids! Water-fights bring out the best/worst in all of us don't they? I'm afraid I may be guilty of sugar-coating my blog, posting lots of happy pictures of my kids & never getting out the camera when the house is a mess, but I can assure you, along with everyone else, that you are not alone in your feelings. The problem is we tend to compare our worst qualities or days with other people's best qualities or blog postings. :) There's no fair way to compare moms. We all do it, including me, but I wish we could just quit comparing ourselves to each other & just encourage & help & laugh with each other! Thanks for your dose of realism, believe me, it sounds so familiar.

Amber said...

Because it is like a zillion degrees here, I would love a nice big water fight!

Amber said...

One of my all-time favorite yearbook inscriptions is from you, "Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold." Did you remember you wrote that? Oh how I love love love that movie. I might just have to go back and watch it tonight when the kids are sleeping and I should be doing laundry!

sharlee said...

Fun times. Either you are perfect at catching Samera's expressions on camera or Samera is always making a face of some kind or another. She is hilarious. I love watching her. She's so entertaining. I love that your girls were wearing matching outfits for the water fight.