Monday, August 18, 2008

One Last Hurrah!

There are officially no more weekends left of summer - sigh! I don't know why I get so depressed at the thought of fall - I love fall! It's just that I can never think of it without a upward glance at the shadow of winter that hovers over any joy felt for brisk air, colored leaves, or delicate breezes. I juice summer for all it's worth, and am still contriving ways to get to the pool, or the lake, or the zoo as I write this, knowing full-well that there is not time for any more summer shenanigans. I need to let it go and move on to the school preparations that I have neglected so fully. So it is with a heavy heart that I post the last of my quintessentially summer photos. We went to Heise ("Hi-C"- it's a ridiculously over-priced but beautiful resort outside of Idaho Falls) on Saturday to visit Ty's boss, who parks her RV there every summer. We swam in the stinky pool (it smells like sulphur, which is why they charge an arm and a leg - I guess it's supposed to have "healing powers" better after such a blow to the wallet), relaxed in the sun (yeah, right. If you have small children you know that laying in the sun is as relaxing as doing taxes), swung in a hammock (just the kids - I am seriously so motion sick-prone that I steer clear of anything that moves), had pizza from the local, and only, restaurant, ate ice cream (did you already guess that this was my favorite part of the day), and ate candy like it was going out of style (Ty's boss had three costco-sized bags of it there, in preparation for our visit, so far be it for us to disappoint...). It actually turned out to be a fun outing, despite my best efforts to complain it into oblivion. Oh, and here's an interesting tidbit. Maybe the rest of you know this, but I had never stopped to wonder until Saturday about the manner in which men go about dressing themselves in pool dressing rooms (I was complaining about the useless drapes hung at the stalls in the women's dressing room when Ty informed me thusly): Did you know that most men's dressing rooms don't have curtains, let alone doors? That there are usually a few benches in an otherwise open room, upon which men plop themselves, unclothed? That there is no where to set your bag because the floor is wet and dirty and the benches are as good as toilet seats? Why is that, do you suppose? I am rather curious as to why it is assumed that men enjoy disrobing for an audience without pay? Why proprietors believe the male sex to be indifferent toward sanitation? Although Ty has never complained (which is why I only just found out about this gross misappropriation of pool funds), I could see the disgust in his eyes when he described it to me (I will forgo using his exact verbiage, as it would surely offend). I am tempted to write a letter to congress on behalf of all pool-going men! Is this what happens when the shrill scream of women's rights drowns out the dull grumbling of dissatisfied (albeit complacent) men? Travesty. Okay, as you have already gleaned from my blog, I tend to tenaciously latch-on to random unimportant issues and run with them. I think that this is my way of relieving the pressure of rage and anxiety that builds within me over things I cannot control or put into organized thought. Thanks for humoring me.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for: pictures.

Ty is the "fun" parent who actually gets in the water and plays with the kids. Too bad I took probably 20 pictures all in black & white mode. My camera's switch gets flipped when I put it in its case too hastily. I hate it when that happens.

Here is the one picture of me that day, and I had to take it myself. Sylas was being so funny laying next to me in the exact same pose as I, but as soon as I tried to capture the moment he rebelled.

Mom finally gets her stuff together enough to take a picture in color mode

All tuckered...for the ten minutes before we had to stop to get gas. Then he was well-rested and ready to raise Cain for the remaining hour's worth of driving. Maybe you can't see them, but I love this picture because it captured Sy's spattering of freckles across his cheek.

Side note (don't act surprised): This was our second trip to Hiese. We went last summer as well. I thought it was interesting that on both occasions I had people stop me to ask where I bought my swim suit (this time an embarrassed man approached me in behalf of his wife - I thought it was funny). Yet another testament to me that there are more women out there who do not wish to flaunt their wares for public scrutiny. And so I say it again (sorry for those who have already been privy to my many tirades), why is it so hard to find modest, cute swim attire? And, though this is not nice, why do women (and I guess I would be remiss in my duty as queen of judgement to neglect the inclusion of men here) think they look good in flimsy pieces of cloth? People look best with clothes on, as a general rule. Am I the only observer of this phenomenon? Okay, I'll stop before I really get going!


Rindee said...

So where is the picture of you modeling your modest swimming suit?

I just bought a new swimsuit this summer from "Shade". It's a halter top-type tankini that is so long I could pull it down to my knees if I wanted to. It is gathered along the sides so if you scrunch it, it does a great job of camoflauging the rolls of baby love left over from 4 pregnancies.

sharlee said...

O.k. I wanted a picture of your swimsuit AND a picture of that men's dressing room. Eewwww! I've often wondered about that too. I thought maybe men just don't care about dressing in front of another but I have had boys entering the age of P.E. and locker rooms express some discomfort. I have taught them to be modest and now they are being thrown into that bizarre world you speak of. Although, I have seen many a WOMAN throw caution (and modesty) to the wind and offend my eyes and the eyes of innocent child onlookers. I suppose I'll never know the mistery of it all but one thing's for sure. My naked bum will ALWAYS be in a stall OR I'll leave with a wet swimsuit. Those are my choices. Thanks for the education and a good laugh.

Crowther Clan said...

So where did you get your swim suit? And lets see it! I could use a new one. Summer has gone by so fast and I feel the same as you... I LOVE fall. It is my favorite. But I am not looking forward to winter. When I was a kid I loved it, but now I dread having snow until May. I love the winter festivities and such, just not the weather. I always get excited for the first snow, but I seem to get sick of it faster every year. Anyways... Im glad you had a fun filled summer!

Andrea said...

Lest you forget who you are talking to, it's me, Andrea, the girl so self-conscious that even my husband only catches rare glimpses of me naked (and even then I'm trying desperately to cover every flaw), so you won't be seeing a picture of my swimsuit unless I take a picture of it without my body in it. I got it at Downeast Outfitters last summer, so sadly they don't have them anymore. The ones this year are cute, but not as cute as the ones they carried last year. It's just a plain top that's really long (probably like Rindee's - I've seen those Shade ones and they are very similar) so I needn't fear exposure of my baby-stretched belly no matter how I twist or reach, and it has magic padding that gives the illusion of some sort of fullness in my upper regions (a feature I have never successfully had in a swimsuit until now), with some cute bikini bottoms I bought at Old Navy that never get seen because then I have a cute swim skirt that goes over them. When I first got it Ty said it looks more like an evening gown, or something most girls wear out, and not like a swimsuit, which is exactly as I would have it. :)

Christyeve said...

Ewwww! I had no idea men's dressing rooms were that bad, either! I have never asked...of course I haven't been swimming in like 5 years! Seriously, that's how much I like showing my body! I am all with you on the modest swimming suits! It sounds like you have a very cute swim suit, I still need to get one...maybe I should try downeast outfitters, since I also could use a little more illusion in the top half!

Amber said...

So my opinion differs a bit from most on here because of the life I lived in the pool growing up. I saw the men's dressing room horrors up close and can attest to the truthfulness of everything you said Andrea. Strange society we live in. But as far as the modesty thing, well I guess you just become numb to it after awhile. Being on swim teams since I could walk, we were constantly having to change in front of each others because a whole team had to suit up in a small area in a limited amount of time. You learn tricks to getting undressed in front of others without totally exposing yourself.

Additionally, during both of my pregnancies I had so many complications that I practically lived in a flash-my-bottom-for-the-world-to-see hospital gown. Then I had so many doctors poking and prodding that eventually I contemplated just walking around naked to avoid the hassle of getting undressed!! :)

Anyway, maybe you should take a picture of the suit minus you in it so we can all see it and be envious!! The problem I face is that I have a chest, it has just relocated a few feet south. So if I get a padded bra I become Pamela Anderson and if I don't, well I become Estelle Getty! See the dilemma!

Christyeve said...

Hey thanks for the invite to the pool today! Did you guys have a good time? Unfortunetly I had to spend most of this morning at the dentist office getting two cavities filled...that was a blast, let me tell ya! Then the remainder of the day I spent with my mom slaving away shucking corn and putting them in freezer bags for use it was a busy day! Thanks again though! Maybe next time!