Thursday, September 4, 2008

Alien Invasion

Corn anyone? It looks like something out of a scary science fiction movie. It is gray and kind of resembles popped popcorn. Strange.

A study on the study of a bowl of apples

And the immediate aftermath

Upon further analysis and research into bite marks, a new suspect is apprehended

Notice the band-aid placement atop a lock of hair (and fully NOT on the injury), as if conscious of the injustices of a bad haircut.


sharlee said...

You are right, that corn looks really creepy! Do you think it was the chemicals that were sprayed on that field behind you? It must be related cuz corn shouldn't be THAT hard to grow. Good grief! (Makes you wonder what those chemicals do to OUR bodies when we breath in the stray wafts...yikes). You ought to pick it, cook it up, and serve it for dinner one of these nights. If you do, take a picture of everyone's reactions.
It looks like Sylas really got it when you "apprehended" him (I assume he already had the head injury. ) I wonder what he was thinking when he took a bite out of each apple. Why not? I would probably do the same thing if I had no concept of the price of fruit or what it takes for a Mom to keep food in the house. What a funny boy. Cute bowl, too!

Matheson said...

Oh little Sylas! So funny! I second the cute bowl! I need some new ones.

Anonymous said...

Asa does the SAME thing, and it makes me so mad!! Only I only find out when I clean out from under the couch downstairs (which only happens when we lose the remote), or happen to dig through the garbage (which apparently I need to do more often). Sneaky. I like how your little culprit just leaves the evidence in a mold-free zone!

Amber said...

I just threw out 4 apples Claire "ate" for breakfast. I Ziploced them up with good intentions to make an apple pie out of them or cut them into slices to keep from wasting. So instead of wasting away in plain view, they rotted out of sight in the fridge. Oh and remind me never to dine at your house when you are cooking cuisine from your garden (see how I used the word cuisine, makes it sound like you cook fancy meals.).

Lena said...

Funny! I have a few of those in my fridge right now...Goal for tomorrow: cut them up so we will actually eat them!

Palmer family said...

CUTE green bowl. Where'd you get it?