Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Good Cause + Lots o' Links = Great Idea

I happened upon this, and thought many of my clever readers might be interested. I have been consumed with this tragedy for the last month (note cute yellow button on sidebar), and have wanted to help somehow. I thought about sending a million dollars to http://www.nierecovery.com, but a very amused teller at my bank informed me that any check from my account totaling more than $10 would surely end in disaster. Shoot. Then I wracked (yes, wracked!) my brain for talents I may possess that might find their way to Etsy in the form of something up for a charity auction, but that also ended in a stupor of thought (me = no talent). However, I DO know some people with serious skills in the writing department (you know who you are, so quit looking around the room all, "who, me?"), and by passing this along I feel I have contributed in some small way. If any of you lovely persons feel the urge to share your gift of glib word, please follow my links (this one, and that one) and donate your whit. Or just buy the book when it makes its way to print! I know I will!


Christy said...

I checked it out and that is such a great idea to support such a great cause! Are you going to submit your some of your writing? You should!!

sharlee said...

So, did you submit a story? What an interesting campaign for funds. I've never seen such a thing. Do it Andy!