Tuesday, September 23, 2008


1. Where the Helter Skelter (excuse me, this is my attempt to stop a swear word in its habitual tracks - Kimi, will you back me up on this'n?) are all my favorite bloggers this week? I mean, sure, I took a blogging break, but that doesn't condone your behavior! I am really very disappointed in the whole lot of ya. I expected more.

Do you feel guilty yet?

2. Child numero uno is home sick today, which always causes stress in my life (what if she gets behind, what if she misses something VITAL, what if she flunks 2nd grade, fails her SAT, drops out, starts hanging out in questionable alleys, sniffs compressed air, gets pregnant, and ends up starring in some horrible episode of an equally horrible daytime cable talk show???). Not to mention I now have to make extra lunch and snacks, keep track of the administration of children's ibuprofen, keep everyone away from her (and her germ-ridden cups, spoons, and left-over crusts of bread - which, you'd think would be easy, is impossible), and try to get her to take a nap.

Stress I tell you!

3. Child #3 has recently discovered his ability to escape from his room, which is great news for Joe, the fire safety officer, but bad news for Andrea, the need my sleep (and my blogging moment - hello!) lady. Nap time has now become a dreaded affair that wears me thin.

I only wish that were a literal possibility.

4. The husband begins speaking in "discretionary spending" riddles, causing mass confusion (which is what I majored in at ISU, by the way) in my head. This mere hours after suggesting I do some serious soul-searching to decide where I want to go on more than a few dates he owes me when hunting season is over! Which is it? You can't have it both ways, buddy.

And I'm not giving up the dream of some really great Indian food come the middle of October.


Christy said...

Haha!! I love reading your posts! You are so honest and funny. You should seriously think about writing a book. Or you could just compact all your posts into a book and sell it. I would buy a few dozen! Sorry that I haven't been posting lately, haha (until just now...) I was "taking a break". I thought maybe my blog needed it...?? But I am back posting again, I just couldn't stay away.

Anonymous said...

Upon reading this post, I realized that I spend most of my waking hours disgruntled. I think that's why I love your blog, Andrea: you are experiencing what the rest of us are, only you help us all laugh at ourselves (which everyone knows is the best medicine!). You really could write a book and people would actually buy it. And I'd be first in line for my autographed copy! In the mean time, I'll just be content to read and laugh out loud at your spin on life on this blog!

Amber said...

Okay book here we come. Fact: you rock as a writer. Fact: books (if up to par) make money. Fact: money buys fancy clothes and fun girl's weekends. Fact: our book will be up to par. Fact: we will be the women other women ask "Where did you get those hot jeans," while we are at the airport preparing for said lavish girl's weekend. Fact: you need to harass me until I crack open the Writer's Market Guide and figure out where we start.

sharlee said...

I think every other day I am disgruntled. I am beginning to see a little pattern and learning that not EVERY single day am I frustrated, but about every other, and a few hours of those days too, but not the whole day. So, what I'm saying is, there is hope.
Sylas finally flew the coop, huh? Blast those wreched (a couple words to replace your 'swear words', if you like) cribs--they just don't make the railings high enough do they?
Hope Saylor feels better soon and no one else catches it.

Emily said...

1. "wear me thin" made me laugh - except that doesn't apply to you, you skinny thing.

2. I love Indian food as well. There's a great place down here in St. George, can you trade in a few dates for a whole weekend? ;)

3. I remember well the sad day Catherine started climbing out of her crib. No more naps & no more bedtime until we turned her doorknob around & locked her in from the outside. (Don't tell Joe.)

Christy said...

oh I forgot to tell you, I got my hair done by this girl in my old ward. Her name is Stephanie Woodward and she does such a good job! She does pretty much everyone in the ward! So if you are wanting to get your hair done, I recommend her. Just let me know!

So are you thinking about writing a book??

Tigerlilly said...

There are a couple of super-duper incredible Indian restaurants here in Logan!

Anonymous said...

There sure are - name the night, and we'll pull together all your relatives here in the Logan area and have a night on the town!!