Thursday, September 25, 2008

Gruntled (regruntled? undisgruntled?)

It's a new day, so I thought I would grace you all with a little good cheer (I know, focusing on the good: it's so not my style. Just bear with me. I'm sure it's only a phase). Oh, I waxed muy snap happy as well. Take a moment to close your eyes and pretend I have a really SAH-WEET camera - it's what I do.

1. Today is Sy's birthday numero dos (are you starting to wonder if English is my second language?)! I love birthdays - have I ever mentioned that? Apparently turning two summoned the inner hip-hopster in Sylas

2. One dozen birthday balloons (okay, so we're down to 11 now after an unfortunate accident)

3. One happy two-year-old thanks to the
heretoaforementioned balloons

4. One exceptionally well behaved trip to a popular hangout downtown called Hell (the locals pronounce it, "Walmart" - I'll never understand this weird Idaho accent) thanks to the ever-effective, "if you're good we'll stop at the balloon store on the way home" ploy. Works every time. Also good for naps.

5. Peaches and cream for breakfast, snack, lunch, and dinner - oh, and of course dessert (substitute vanilla ice cream for the cream factor...heaven).

6. Clean bedroom

Hah! Fooled ya. It only looks clean because I stowed everything in my delicious over-sized closets. I waited nine married years to have closets, and by golly I'm not letting them go to waste now!


8. Fuel. Don't worry folks. I recently happened upon a 4 for $5 deal, so I am now stocked with enough m&ms to pull me through at least 10 years (that's 2 months in blogger years). The prophet DID say to be prepared.

So far these have been the "beautiful" in my today. What were yours?


sharlee said...

I love it, Andy! It's nice to be aware of the good things during the day and I find that taking pictures is a good way to do just that, too! I did that the other day and at the end of the day looked through and decided I wasn't a half bad mom afterall. I mean, look at all you accomplished today. You ARE supermom. I love the peach picture--very artistic. And your cake looks divine--they always do. See you tomorrow!

Marianne said...

What a nice day! I love all the pictures, especially the one of your closet. It resembels our tiny third bedroom (it's probably about the size of most people's closets) where I put anything that doesn't have a home and then shut the door so I don't have to look in it. I love Sharlee's comment- it's so good to be aware of the good things about your day and I love that you captured them with pictures. I should try that, especially since lately I've been more aware of the negative things about my day. Maybe if I do what you did today I'll be a happier mom. That's always a good thing. Anyway, happy birthday to Sylas and good job with his cake- you're so talented with the goodies! (and by the way, I hate you for being able to snack on PB M&Ms and still maintain your tiny figure!)

Amber said...

I think I like undisgruntled the best. Probably because it is the longest (and therefore most sophisticated looking one). Happy birthday little guy. Or not so little guy anymore. Our babies are not babies. Oh and as far as what has bestowed happiness upon me as of late, well you see every year like 6 months before Halloween (right around Dec. 26th-ish) these glorious aisles go up in a place you so fittingly refer to as HELL!! There are rows and rows of candy, assorted flavors and textures. Millions of wrappers just waiting to be ripped open. And I oblige. I can't stop. I feel, in the midst of a recession (like I really even know what that means?) I am doing my part to helps boost spending in the economy and also help keep the Mars candy co. afloat. That my friend is what is making me happy. Ask me again in 2 hours when I have come down from my sugar high and I might have a bit more pessimistic view on the addictive nature of chocolate.

Christy said...

I love the positive twist Andrea! :) You are brave for showing a pic of your closet! Of course yours looks immaculate compared to mine! Mine's pretty bad. :O I have been meaning to clean it out forever, but the computer keeps luring me in!
And yes, Walmart is H*ll but that cake looks like Heaven!!

Matheson said...

Happy Birthday Sy!!! You are one CUTE little boy!! I hope you had so much fun with those balloons!
Love the day- and nice stash of candy & beautiful cake.

Higham Family said...

I don't think I ever tell you how much I love reading your blogs. I don't think I even comment often, but your musings never fail to leaving me in an emotion fit of one sort or another. Thanks for always being a bright spot in my blog stocking.

sharlee said...

seems to be a slight blogging lull. Ah, well, I can always look at yours a time or two again. I was gonna tell you how beautifully and professionally decorated your bedroom looks! Nice picture.

Anonymous said...

Your assessment of Walmart is spot-on, Andrea!

Palmer family said...

That cake looks divine! How did you get the frosting all "fancy" like that? do tell. I have always wanted to take a cake decorating class. Have you ever taken one? You probably teach one!! :) I love birthday's too!
Your bedroom is CUTE! Love it.