Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A-Tagging We Will Go

1o years ago I...

1. Had been married for precisely two months and my chin was finally calloused from the constant assault of Ty's stubble
2. Had no kitchen sink or oven, just a single electric eye for plenty of pasta roni a-la-Andrea
3. Did dishes in the bathroom sink
4. Let a man in to use our bathroom (while Ty was there with me, of course) only to later discover that he took my contact case while attending to his business
5. Came home to find that same guy jumping up and down on my porch to look in the top window, drove (panicked) back out to Ty's job site to report my observation, and came back to find my curling iron missing - never mind that there were a couple thousand dollars sitting in plain view on our dresser. Apparently curling irons are more desirable than cash - thankfully

5 things on my "to do" list today (or tomorrow...)

Only 5? Let's see...

1. Call every last person in our ward boundaries for some reason or another (this is on my list EVERY day, or at least that's what it feels like - have I ever told you how much I HATE making phone calls?)
2. Make my way to the post office (on my way to pick up Saylor, buy ice cream for her Activity Day activity, drop her off, pick her up, take her to gymnastics, run errands, pick her up...) to buy stamps
3. Write thank you cards for everyone who helped us put together the High Priest social two weeks ago (is it too late to send thank you cards?)
4. Stain my front door
5. Remain calm despite my better judgment to just have a massive panic attack and run around my house screaming because it's the end of the world (is anyone else out there worried about the fate of our economy?)

5 Snacks that I enjoy...

1. peanut butter m&ms
2. whoppers
3. swedish fish
4. boiled peanuts (said with a suthun accent) - fresh from South Carolina...if you've never tried 'em, you've never lived, darlin'
5. honestly, is there a snack that I DON'T enjoy? Nope. Not that I can think of.

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire...

1. Fund research to discover a cure for morning sickness (it is ridiculous that any woman should have to suffer in this day and age. For heaven's sake, we can put a man on the moon...)
2. Whatever I want
3. Hire a personal chef extraordinaire
4. Buy the most preposterously illogical and beautiful car available
5. Get breast implants. I know what you're thinking, but I have conveniently rationalized this as "reconstructive surgery" (and believe me, at this point that's what it should be considered). Luckily for my husband (he is strongly apposed to the idea) and my conscience, I will never be a millionaire.

5 places I have lived...

1. Payette, ID (15 years)
2. South Jordan, UT (3 years)
3. Rexburg, ID (8 glorious months)
4. Pocatello, ID (9 years)
5. Chubbuck, ID (1 year)

5 jobs I have had...

Oh, how my husband will laugh when he reads this question (he finds my annual social security statement highly entertaining)

1. Cinneplex Odeon Theater at South Towne Mall in Sandy - concessions: I was the only girl most nights, which was really creepy because they made me take the trash out WITH another worker (for my safety), but I would have felt more safe alone, and I quit after my boss slapped my rear end (2 months)
2. America Reads Tutor - tutored 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders in the fine art of reading: very frustrating, but great because I could work my schedule around my classes (6 months)
3. ZCMI Credit Office - counted money, customer service: loved the girls I worked with, but the boss was a witch, which stressed me out (5 months)
4. Nurse's Assistant - helped old people in their homes: good to know I never want to be a nurse, had to bow out when I discovered I was pregnant and couldn't stop throwing up (3 months)
5. Mother (8 years - that's right, so stop laughing) - nonstop work of every description: hey, at least I have stuck with this one!

I will spare everyone the agony of being tagged, but if you want to do it, go for it. Otherwise, leave me your responses to the tag questions in my comments section, cause I'm interested in YOU!


Amber said...

Maybe I will do this tag soon. Not today (read my blog to see why), but maybe soon. First, tell me you started sleeping with a can of Aqua Net under your pillow in case that creepy guy returned for your blow dryer (I know mace would be the more logical choice, but the punishment should fit the crime, no?). Also, when I win the lottery (which is on my to-do list so, like everything else on that list, I'll get right on it) I will certainly give you money for that morning sickness research (oh and probably a boob job too because then we could go together and maybe if both of us do it than it would seem less superficial).

sharlee said...

I don't know how many different ways I can say "you're hilarious!" or "your blog rocks!". I'm beginning to run out of words for reacting to your posts. I was trying to post a comment earlier and Kimi called me so I read the whole thing to her and we laughed together. We didn't know about the bum slapping incident and Kimi had a bit of insight about the scary construction guy: that he was later in your ward??!! I've never had boiled peanuts, so guess my life is only half as good as I thought it was, I, too, share the need for "reconstructive surgery" as you put it, and you aren't alone in this economic melt down. I don't think I'll run around the house screaming, but silently let my mind slip into oblivion, to deal with it, what other options do we have?

Andrea said...

Yes, Sharlee, he ended up attending our ward a few times. One special Sunday, in fact, he stole my watch in the middle of sacrament meeting (it had fallen in the aisle while Samera was playing with it, and he had casually leaned down on his way in from using the bathroom, put his hat over it, and pocketed it! It was too hilarious, and all the old dudes who witnessed it were up in arms, so I had to confront him (you know how much I loved doing THAT) and get it back. I'm sure he didn't remember me, but I thought it amazing that we should have yet another encounter of the thieving kind! He didn't come back to church, by the way.

Christy said...

Yes, Andrea I definitely meant for you to do this tag! I think from now on I will just always tag you, don't you feel special?! lol. I am sorry but it's so refreshing to read your posts as you can make any topic of converstion, even a TAG entertaining to read with lots of laughs! When I got this tag, and started doing it myself, I was thinking, my life must be boring! It was hard for me to add any sort of humor to it, if any at all! But I am happy to say you proved me wrong, and I loved reading this tag about you. Now for the "embarrassing tag" that you so kindly suggested, I will have to start one of those. And I will again, be tagging you... So be ready! I was thinking some of the same things that your friends had already said, so I won't repeat. BUT I, too, would love to do some of my own "reconstructive sugery" so I am right there with everyone.

Christy said...

Hey Andrea, I just wanted you to know that I took your suggestion of doing a embarrassing TAG and wrote a story! Don't worry though, I didn't tag you!

The Peterson Family said...

I really feel the same as Sharlee (as to how funny and entertaining your blog is) I was just talking to Lisa today, who has joined us all in the blogging world, and I told her that she had to look at your blog! You just know how to put things! I love it. Thanks for making my days better:)

Amy Jason said...

OOPS!! K, that last comment was from me but I was signed in under Lisa because she was having me fix something on her blog for her. That is the explanation to why it says "Peterson Family". I'm sure I have confused you! Sorry!

Palmer family said...

Your jobs were making me bust up! Hilar!! You are right about the MOTHER job though and good job for not quitting that one! :) I am due in February! (to answer your ?) You can come visit me and the Boise area anytime you wish. You can even stay here with us. We'd love it. Oh, and Heather was the last and final Smith girl to get married so it was neat to all be in the sealing room together for once! I didn't pull her out of a hat.....ha! :) Her dress IS cute. Not me, but really really cute, and cute on her too! So, about the economy...it IS scary a wee bit. I have been a canning fool and although I am more then exhausted with it, I keep on-a-goin with it because I feel the need to get my food storage up to par.

Tigerlilly said...

I hate calling people, too! I think for me it's become unhealthy about how much I don't like to make phone calls. Not like it's really HARD -- they all start with "Hello." I called my mom once and she answered with a demanding, "Who is it." I laughed for days about that one.

I got freaked out one time when a much older female coworker pinched me on the bum as she walked by. Strangely enough, I didn't think she liked me until then, and after that, I thought she was cool! It wasn't icky-like, though. I'm sorry your boss spanked yours. THAT'S icky-like.

I had boiled peanuts in the South. They were packaged, not fresh. They tasted like smooshy peanuts, and I wasn't fond of that flavor-texture combination. I like peanut M&M's, though. Do you know what the "M"s stand for in M&M's? I bet fresh boiled peanuts are better than the packaged ones.