Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Long Gone

My hair and I go way back. We've had our ups and our downs. We have been through it all together (although I must say that, between the two of us, I have been the more reliable, more likable one). I never said we had a good relationship, my hair and I. Just that it has been a lasting one. Truth be told, I have hated my hair as long as I have had it. For the past three years I have just been too busy (or lazy) to cut it, resulting in mid-back length tresses that have gradually lost their curl - something I always dreamt of fondly, but now spit upon. So, last Friday I woke up with a wild hair (yes, all puns ARE intended) to lop the locks. It just so happened that my beautiful sister, Kimberly, was scheduled to arrive in a few short hours. Have you met my sister? May I present my stylist:

Aside from my first introduction to her scissors at the tender age of seven, in which she sheared me like a prize-winning ewe (while she was babysitting, mind you), she has been like a beautician to me for years. She was all too happy and willing to help me out (if you know her, you know that she is that way about everything - the little dear).

In no time at all I looked like this ("come hither" look NOT intended - I'm just not photogenic):

A little "mom hair"-ish? Perhaps.
A little 1983? Yes.
A little flashback of Flash Dance? Definitely.
But, it's gloriously easy and different (something that hasn't passed my lips - or fingertips, dear readers - in at least 4 years).
I like it.
The husband likes it.
Sylas does not like it. Whatever.
At any rate, it was just the thing to get the Mr. to finally take me to that new Indian restaurant I've been eyeing - and let me tell you, the trash can full of hair was well worth THAT!

p.s. Here's the straightened version - a version that won't be making an appearance often - I feel like an teenage EMO boy, not to mention the amount of time it takes to get it that way. I'll only invest that kind of time when I want to go hang out on the corner by the high school with my peeps: Joey and Billy...just the three of us in our black skinny jeans, chillin' and bein' ultra emotional, tolerant, and individual...you know, like everyone else.


Matheson said...

Love it! Very cute and brave of you. I may become a follower and make a change for myself. A new woman! Sylas- funny boy!

Amber said...

AWWW! Cute! Dang it. Now I am jealous of your bravery. I just stick to the same lame-o style I had back in the day (occasionally I go crazy and add a few layers!). I think you look like a very sophisticated mom, perhaps too sophisticated to be friends with this train wreck!

Christy said...

I really like your new do! You look great! Getting my hair cut makes me feel just refreshed and hip again! Well, at least for a few months... I really like my hair cut too, but I do have moments when I see someone with long hair and then miss mine, but all I have to do is think about how easy this new look is to do, and the "missing" of the long locks vanishes!

sharlee said...

I was wondering why you hadn't posted about his exciting life change! Alas, sometimes my dumb blog doesn't show me updates on other peoples' blogs-or maybe I missed it somehow (I don't know how, as I check it every 5 minutes and await any new post from YOU). Congratulations. Isn't it liberating? It IS cute. It looks so easy to do. Now you'll have more time to blog and go on dates with your husband.
How was the indian food?

sharlee said...

Cute new blog to go with you cute new haircut!

Rindee said...

Andrea, your new haircut is darling, although you would look darling shaved like a prize-winning ewe, too.

Funny, my hair is longer than it's been in 12 years for the same reason. Just not paying attention, don't want to pay for a haircut, and always in a ponytail. Maybe I oughta find a wild hair and chop mine again.

Andrea said...

Sharlee, I didn't post all week because I have been unusually busy (and grouchy - but that's another story). But you can bet your bottom lip that I WANTED to post more than I wanted to do all my other tasks! The Indian food was fabulous beyond description - I am craving it right now.

Christy, every time I see some chica with long luscious hair I feel a twinge of sadness too. But then I remember that my hair never looked luscious...only stringy and unkempt. Good riddance! Oh, and I need to see your new haircut - I couldn't really get a good grasp on it from your blog.

Amber, I can't believe that you're not brave, because you have the IDEAL hair for all the fun hairdos I always wish I could have! But why mess with perfection, as I always (never) say?

Del, it IS exciting! I'm just saying...

Rindee, you are a hoot. You are one of those girls we all hate (in a love you to death sort of way) because you have perfect hair that looks good in any way, shape, or form. So by all means, chop away!

Look at me: advocate of short hair all the sudden

sharlee said...

You are too funny. I like it straight too! Two doos for the price (free) of one!

Amy Jason said...

That is exactly why I love short hair, besides the fact that long hair would look disgusting on me because my hair is so dang thin. But it is so easy and so fast! I love your new hair! And I, like Sharlee, really like it both ways. Fun! Cute!

Christy said...

HAHA! Ok I just have to say, your comments on my blog yesterday had me laughing so hard. You are so funny! Can I hang out with you?!...please! haha! We should do another scrap party again! Oh and I LOVE that pic of your hair at the bottom, too cute. My hair is pretty thin and stringy too, I just imagined that it wasn't, but I was only kidding myself...sad. I don't remember your hair ever looking stringy, but then again we have only hung out... twice? Thanks again, for making me laugh!:)

Emily said...

Brave girl! It looks great. Your natural curls are gorgeous. You're lucky.

Those earring you're wearing are gorgeous too!

Rozel said...

I like it! You look very sophisticated and beautiful! Don't worry you were beautiful with long hair too :)

Michelle Mckay-R

Tigerlilly said...

I mentioned cutting my hair to Joel (my sweetheart who brought me chocolate, yes), and he appeared to get a tear in his eye as he said, "You want to get rid of your pretty hair?"

It's annoyingly long and heavy, but if he's going to bring me chocolate, I think I'll keep it!

Although, seeing your adorable haircut REALLY tempts me to "cut just a little off"! Ah, if only my locks were curly like that . . .

Damian's Woman said...

I love your hair, and great minds must think alike because as of yesterday I'm sportin' a "pixie". I am so excited that it only took me a 1/2 hour to get entirely ready for the day (including a shower, and shaving my legs). I guess I just had to relate, and tell you that you look great.