Monday, October 13, 2008


I'm not feeling overly inspired to write right now, but I HAVE to get that last post off my screen - I'm so sick of looking at myself!

Our weekend was a whirlwind of crazy. For that matter, our week was the same. I have finally figured myself out (in small part, at least): When I have an event coming up over which I am stressed (Saylor's baptism was on Saturday - I had to clean, cook, and prepare a talk for it), I avoid thinking about it by starting approximately 1.2 million other projects that are too massive to ever accomplish. I then put off any reasonable action until the night before, when I am so exhausted that I cannot function in anything resembling coherent thought. Now that I know this about myself, I will be taking steps to correct this behavior for future reference's sake.

Despite my best efforts to make it as stressful as possible, the day turned out beautifully. We woke up to snow, which Saylor thought was especially for her. Everyone's hair got combed, and everyone was good as gold (or at least silver) during the LONG program. Lots of family and a few friends offered moral support, and no one laughed (to my face) about my talk. Most important of all, Saylor was baptized and confirmed by her worthy (and cute - what can I say...I like the guy) father.

Then my awesome brother (one of three, actually), Mark, was kind enough to bestow upon us an impromptu personal photo session for Saylor

and Mera (wish I'd known Samera was being photographed - I only just found out when I received these via e-mail. That child manages to have the most abominable hair - even moments after I painstakingly put it in its place)

Do these girls look anything alike to anyone out there? I do not see even a slight resemblance.

Some of my most favorite (anyone ever notice my tendency to be repeatedly redundant) pictures of my children have been taken by Mark, and I so appreciate that he is willing to not only spend his time snapping away, but also burning them to disk for my eternal (disks are eternal, right?) enjoyment! I have spent countless hours dreaming of the day when I, too, will discover some long (and well) hidden talent that I can use to bless the lives of others. It is something I envy in so many people around me. But I won't get into that right now (although it may surface in some future post).

I am feeling overwhelmingly thankful for everything and everyone at this particular moment. Maybe it's the bag of heavenly molasses crinkle cookies I have nestled in the crook of my arm like a sleepy infant (thanks to my talented niece, Emily), or maybe it's just one of those days where I'm destined to look adoringly on as my toddler spreads Desitin from here to Kingdom Come for the second time in a week (I'm running out of places to hide it - any suggestions?), seeing only rosey charm in my life's everydayness. I love days like this. Without them I would be caught and swallowed whole by pessimism's gaping jaws. Life is beautiful, so why can't I seem to remember it more often? THAT is (one) of my recent goals: to affix my mind to the lovely and let go of things not worthy of note-keeping. I am finding that, as a general rule, ya'll (it's the boiled peanuts talking - they make my southern belle pop up in the most unlikely places) are better at it than me, so I welcome any suggestions!


Amy Jason said...

I can't believe she is 8!! That's crazy. That day seems so far off for us, but I am always amazed at how fast time goes by! I'm glad you had a nice day and had some family there. Your girls really do have different looks about them. But they are both dang cute!

sharlee said...

You've inspired me. Life is lots more fun when you look for the good things and ignore the rest. Congratulations to Saylor! Sorry we didn't make it. She looks lovely and happy. And to answer your question--even before I read your question i saw that picture and thought, "they don't look anything alike". I've thought that many a time. And for that matter, Sylas doesn't look like them either. What is going on over there?

Amber said...

First and before I forget, I think they have the same cheeks and, yep, that's it. Just cheeks. Next, you do realize you are asking the queen of pessimism for advice on how to see the positive. See the irony? I find that if I blog about it (the negative junk I mean) I can get it off my chest and actually ACT more positive than I feel sometimes. And the people that always see the glass half full drive me mad, because I think once in a while it is okay to get frustrated, vent and be negative. I think in doing that, it helps us look for the lovely and appreciate it more. Not much help, I know!

Matheson said...

Congratulations to Saylor! It seems like it was yesterday I heard you were having a baby girl named Saylor and I sent a sailor something or other piece of clothing to you (how goofy is that?) That day seems far away for me too but I know will come quickly. Your children really don't look alike except the same hair color I guess. I have no suggestions for hiding things from the kids. Mine find just about anything around here. Happy to hear it went well. Congratulations to you & Ty too for such a beautiful daughter. Snow? That would be lovely!

Andrea said...

Cheeks - never noticed that. Hair color - yes. I think it disturbs me because Saylor is my clone and Sylas is Ty in toddler's clothing, but then there's Mera. Little Mera with her dark skin, even darker (chinese-shaped) eyes, flat nose, deep voice, kissable-but unshumanly-large beak, thick limbs, and narrow hips. Maybe I need to stop obsessing. She won't feel like an outsider or be affected negatively because of it, will she?

Christy said...

Congrats to Saylor! She is really a very pretty girl, and I am not just saying that. She has this natural beauty, like her mom! :) And I don't think you are as pessimistic as you might think you are, I just think you say it how it is! I like to think of myself as a positive person, but I know I am usually not. I try to be, but really I think I tend to find the bad in things rather then the lovely, as you said. But I keep trying! I find it hard sometimes to read people's blogs that are always saying how everything in life is just perfect and there's nothing ever perfect, house perfect, life's like, where are you living?! But then again, I think why can't I be like that? Cuz there is nothing wrong with finding the positive out of everything, I guess I am just jealous! haha! Anyway I am glad you had a great day and felt the spirit and felt grateful. I love having those humble, peaceful moments!

Emily said...

You have an eight-year old? You're getting to be quite the old lady! :) Just kidding! Because I'm older than you!

Congratulations to Saylor. What a wonderful day. I really can't believe we have kids this old (Bethany is one year younger than Saylor). It's kinda fun though!