Monday, September 15, 2008

Shout Out

Just wanted to dedicate a small portion of my blog to my sisters, Sharlee and Kimi. While I didn't get any pictures of our weekend activities (story of my life), I had a fabulous time! They showed up about an hour after Ty left for his weekend hunting trip, which just happens to be the very hour I start to lose my mind every Friday, so it was kind of them to drop by and put a stop to my feelings of loneliness, boredom, and panic. They even charitably ate my sorry excuse for raspberry muffins (oh, yes, THESE I took a picture of)

before we headed around (and around) town to dig up something for dinner. Then it was straight to the basement for a few episodes of What Not to Wear. Now, although I love to watch it amid snide remarks and remote control wars with my husband, it was so much more fun to watch (and comment) in luxurious freedom and relaxation. The next morning we left bright and early to shop in Idaho Falls for the entire day, uninterrupted (aside from a few calls from various children and my babysitter). It was a delight! Thanks, girls, for the fun!

p.s. You would have been so proud to see me Sunday morning, all arrayed in silken, black-and-white wonder atop, GRAY shoes afoot...too bad I drove to the church and no one was there. Guess it was Stake Conference. OOops. And I looked so hot, too. Dang it.


sharlee said...

Just to clarify: those muffins were to DIE for! They look like meat loaf, but they taste like heaven!
Thanks SO much for all the fun, Andy. You were the perfect hostess, and I think Kimi and I owe you gas money cuz you drove way over an hour--jeepers!
I am proud to hear that you tried the grey shoes with your new shirt. Was it as amazing of an outfit as we told you it would be? And all that worry about going to church without Ty...see? It all worked out again.

Crowther Clan said...

Love the muffin picture... wish I could've tasted them. Sounds like a fun and needed weekend with your sisters!! That's awesome!

Amber said...

Sisters are the best. Mine are all coming into town within the next 2 days and I am gearing up for a week of overeating and fits of laughter. Maybe I need that recipe for those regurgitated muffins. Oh and my sisters and I are always plotting ways to nominate each other for What Not To Wear and then strategically rid our closet of the clothes we love before they show up to tape and replace them with DI specials.

Christy said...

You are so funny! Sounds like you had a great time too! My sister and her husband are moving here in a month, I can't wait till they do! And I am sure those muffins were heaven and that you looked way cute at church! :)

Sharalen said...

That sounds like a blast!! I'm glad you three got the chance to get out and do something fun and sister-ish! And to get an outfit out of it in the process - does it get any better than that?