Wednesday, October 22, 2008

If I Were Martha Stewart

toddler love = a good thing

children playing together happily = a good thing
(playing baby in the closet with a hamper, some blankets, and a wall decoration that I can't seem to convince them to leave on the wall)

Walmart using some kind of nasty out-of-a-jar frosting to ruin a perfectly good (and much anticipated) donut = a bad thing
But I learned a valuable lesson: never buy donuts at Walmart

Discovering that I can STILL put my hair in ponytails (c'mon, a girl can't be expected to do her hair EV-ER-Y DAY!!) = a good thing

Getting together with cousins = a good thing
(my head looking 10 - 20 times larger than anyone else's in the photo = NOT a good thing, but I'll treasure the picture nonetheless)


sharlee said...

What a fun way to share some things from your life. I happen to love the pony tails. I have been craving doughnuts and have even pondered making homemade maple bars out of rhodes rolls or something. Problem is I would eat the whole lot all by myself. We would have to meet at Kimi's to distribute them I guess.
It's fun to see what goes on in other peoples' lives-the things our kids do, etc. Your kids are cute AND creative. I was wondering when you were going to post! Geesh.

The Orton Family said...

Those are good things! That picture with Sylas kissing you is so precious. And I love you hair! Especially the ponytails- I'm a huge fan of ponytails. Isn't it freeing to have short hair? I love it.

Anonymous said...

I believe MY head, as well as the rest of my body, is the biggest in the photo. I, too, love the picture of your little boy giving you a kiss on the cheek. A couple of minutes ago, my 7-year-old did me a favor; and upon the completion of the task, asked me what he got for it. I told him, "a great big kiss on the cheek from the princess of the castle" - me. He groaned and pulled away. Wish I got a picture while he still thought it was a worthy reward. Enjoy it while it lasts, Andrea!!

Palmer family said...

Your head is NOT larger. It is the same size as everyone else's! You want to see a big head ALL THE TIME---look at mine! For reals. Donuts for Walmart ARE gross! Where was Kimi on your cousins day? Looks like fun!