Saturday, November 15, 2008

And In This Corner...

The children are nestled all snug in their beds...except for the youngest. He's sobbing, "Mommy...sorry...Mommmheeheehee...nice." No matter how many times I put him back in his bed and say goodnight, he thinks he's in trouble and that if he says sorry and assures me he will be nice I will eventually let him out. The husband is nowhere to be found (no husband = you get to listen to my complaining). It's fight night with the guys, so I'm on my own as far as bedtime rituals go, which is making it "fight night" around here as well, only in a less fun sense of those two words. And at this point I would say Little Man of Terror is favored to win the title AND the belt. He is ranked number one in his weight class for submissions. Having no professional training of my own, I'm actually no match for him. And I think he senses this.

Tap, tap, (frantic)tap!

*If you don't watch ultimate fighting, this will not make sense. However, it is not guaranteed to make sense even if you do. Also, those of you who don't watch UFC, what are you waiting for?


sharlee said...

I had a little "fight night" of my own with a bigger boy, yeah, even a teenager. My husband no where to be found either. I'm ready to give him (the teenager) away. Shall we do a little trade?

Rozel said...

Be strong, Andrea, don't let him win!

Do you like UFC?!?! I like boxing but I just can't get myself to watch UFC. It makes me cringe.

Amber said...

I'm rooting for you (actually, after returning from the NKOTB concert, I can't really root for anyone other than Jordan Knight, my lover). My hubby is a UFC fan so my limited knowledge made this post quite hilarious. Sorry, I can't think of anything witty or wise to say, I can only think of Jordan. I need a support group I think!

Christy said...

haha! Once again, hilarious post! I am behind on my blod reading so I know this was a few nights ago, but did he win? I like that picture you posted to go with it. I can't stand boxing. Two sweaty, nasty big boys slugging away at each other, not my idea of a good time. My husband though loves watching that kind of stuff, it reminds him of his grandpa, who used to watch it with him. Anyhow,so what did you think of the Heritage Makers-Products?

Andrea said...

Ladies, if you desire to desensitize yourselves to the violence and gore that is UFC, please follow these simple steps:
1. marry a man who loves the sport
2. marry into a whole family of men who love the sport and have it playing at all family events
3. attend countless in-person high school wrestling matches (especially the state tournaments - those ones can get pretty gruesome)
4. watch as brother-in-law experiments in the bull-riding profession
5. watch even more as brother-in-law tries his hands at boxing
6. look on as brothers-in-law relocate brother-in-law's shoulder on the kitchen table (don't worry, the Dr. instructed them over the phone. And yes, it was disgusting. And yes again, it looked painful)
7. have kids who are prone to accidents. Seriously, while I was writing this Samera split her lip open and lost a chunk of her gum line.

Blood and guts? You might as well be talking about ponies and bubblegum.

Matheson said...

UFC- no thank you! Blake does like it however. On another note- did you finish the snapfish book? I had a little problem figuring it out but after about 24 hours of here and there I got it done. I thought the deadline for it was last Sunday. Am I wrong- maybe that's why your credit was gone?

Matheson said...

Yeah- so happy it ended up working out for you. I couldn't believe I got my in the mail yesterday. I just ordered it last Sat. I love it. I had to pay shipping when I did mine- I didn't know they ran specials later. I love your post above. I could totally see you there all Martha Stewart :)

Lena said...

Well, I am glad taht I am not the only one married to a man addicted to UFC. One of my husband's partners has actually fought in the local amateur division here...which, of course, Ryan had to go to--three times! I can do without it--why would you want to watch two guys slander each other for half and hour, go-at-it for a couple minutes in the ring (until one usually ends up getting beaten senseless), and they they hug--as if they are old pals. Don't get it, not one little bit.