Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hidden Potential Unleashed

Not long ago, somewhere around my 29th birthday (major identity crisis), I had an epiphany: it is time for me to figure out who I am. I spend a lot (I mean a lot) of time worrying about what other people think, and who they think I am, which has crippled me in so many ways. In the past I wasted time trying to please everyone when it came to how I dressed, how I decorated my house, and even what I wrote. I tried to blend in and not draw attention to myself. I never took risks for fear other people would frown upon them. I censored myself for the comfort (or my perception of what would be comfortable) of others. I also chose to believe I had oodles of hidden potential, while making sure never to find it for fear it wasn't really there.

I have dedicated this year to figuring out my "style," which has proven difficult. All those years of suppressing it have pushed it to the back of my mind where it was huddled, starving. The gross neglect of my fashion muscle has left me weak in the style department. Through regular exercise (a lot of googling and ogling) I have gained enough strength to purchase zebra-striped flats (hey, they were $3.99 so I took a chance), peep-toe heels, and (wonder of wonders) even accessories! I have discovered that I have a strong desire to be feminine. I love skirts. I even wore a dress to can my peaches! These new-found muscles are far from bulging yet, as I am unsure about putting things together. My inner voice calls out for color and eccentricity, while the shy, people-pleasing voice insists I remain practical and plain. "You're no model," it tells me, "people will think you're trying too hard."

But then I remember that I am 29, and I don't care what everyone else thinks. I want to enjoy my clothing choices every day, and color (however mismatched) and ruffles make me happy. I still have a long way to go before reaching my care-free fashionista goals, but I am now confident the potential is there.

And just in case it's not, here's my back up plan (courtesy Shabby Apple):

I like to refer to it as, "Hidden Potential Unleashed." It looks so classy, yet modern. The brown dress is a little more interesting than a black one would be (I've had enough black to last a lifetime). The bracelet and necklace match, because let's face it, I'm brave, but not THAT brave...yet. Same with the shoes and bag, although will you agree with me that those shoes are just sexy waiting to happen? The earrings are white, because there were only three pair to choose from, and I like them. Wouldn't I just feel so femininely ME wearing this vignette?

P.S. If I have confused anyone, sorry...you'll get over it.


Emily said...

Oooh, I love that outfit, love the shoes. I'd probably have to shave my legs to wear that dress though, darnit! There goes my crusade for freeing women from razors. My only question is how much does it cost? & does it come with a padded bra?

I hate that "people will think you're trying too hard" voice! Why is it such a bad thing to look like you're trying? Why is it taking me 15 years to get over the grunge era? Thanks for the fashion inspiration. & I am totally not judging you. What girl doesn't enjoy getting dressed up & looking nice? I am just trying to justify my lazy attitude. Maybe I'll wear a skirt to mutual tonight!

sharlee said...

I like this style. Very 50's (but very modern). I like that you canned in a dress. I need to find a dress that I'm comfortable in to wear around the house to feel feminine in. I've never enjoyed wearing dresses and skirts for anything other that church and balls, if you will, but I would like to give it a try.

Amber said...

I too lately have been drawn to all things feminine. Perhaps because I spend most of the hours in my day in work out clothes, but you could also chalk it up to the fact that some nice earrings give that frumpy ponytail and extra sumthin sumthin.

Christy said...

haha! Ok, seriously you always write exactly what I have been feeling and wanting to express. Of course I can never say it in so many eloquent words. Maybe I should just have a link posted on my blog to yours for all my friends! :) I started a blog very similar to this-3 paragraphs into it and I realized it was way too much, too mean that is, and that it would probably offend those that get offended easily or make others feel 'uncomfortable", so scratch that post, but I like that you are trying to just be you. Dressing and doing what you want, not for anyone else! I am slowing starting to think that way, I have realized that for so long I just try to please everyone and "go along" with whatever someone elses wants. I think that outfit is way cute and I would be surprised if the shoes weren't named, sexy! Good for you!

Rozel said...

I love the dress. I tried on a similar dress but never bought it because it looked much better on the model then it did on me.

I think that 29 is an age that clothing manufactures ignor. I go to the store and see teeny bopper or old lady. Hence - I have no cloths. I need to find my style but I am not sure what my style is. Maybe I should just throw caution to the wind and admit that I am too old for teeny bopper and just shop in the old lady section.

Amy Jason said...

Hey I have been completely out of the blogging world for the last couple weeks. We were on vacation and then the day we came home I felt so sick... turns out I have pnemonia again.... second time in two years. Random. Anyways. I am just getting around to checking all my blogs. I was so excited while reading this post of yours. Ever since I moved into our house, I started finding out what I really like too. Before that, I would kind of go with whatever everyone else was doing. Now I feel like I really know what I like as far as my house decorating goes, and I'm really getting into the girlie fashion myself. I love accessories too. Targets clearance always has super cute, inexpensive jewelry. Love it. And I just told Jason that I would like a wardrobe of dresses, because they are so dang comfortable and easy. Anyways. I'm babbling, I was just excited because I totally relate.