Thursday, December 11, 2008

1 Part Advertisement : 3 Parts List

If you were to drop by for a visit, there are a few things you would instantly notice:
1. I don't wear shoes. Ever. And it has nothing to do with keeping my carpets in pristine condition. I just hate shoes. And socks.
2. I always wear a jacket. At least when the temperature outside drops below 65. Call me cold for not wearing shoes and socks, cause I am!
3. I am slightly miffed that this is the first time in so long that you've dropped by for a visit. But, after .2 seconds of aloofness, I quickly get over it and offer you a cookie.

Well, it isn't even Christmas yet, and I am already sick (literally and figuratively) and tired (again with the literal) of being in a state of constant frigidity. My trusty house jacket from last winter is showing signs of wear and tear, and the color has lost its "make me happy"-ness. Besides, a girl can't be expected to wear the same jacket day-in and day-out! So I have been on the prowl, searching for a jacket that would fill these requirements:
1. Must not be a pull-over.
2. Must strike a perfect (and delicate) balance between "casual" and "suitable for public exposure". I am notorious for not wanting to change my clothes during the day, so what I throw on first thing in the early light has to see me through the myriad encounters of any given day.
3. Must be warm, but not puffy or encumbering.
4. Must be less than $20 (if it's more than that, it ceases to be a toss-on, throw-over house jacket, and becomes a coat). This one is always the clincher.

It would seem, as per my long search, that jackets of this specific variety have ceased to exist. But Lo! I happened upon the jacket that my dreams are made of last night in a chance meeting at the mall. At Aeropostale, of all places. The very place in which I was introduced to last year's now obsolete model. A few things I have often pondered about Aeropostale are these:
1. How, in the name of all that is English, is the title of that store pronounced? I have yet to inquire (of a store employee, none the less) and receive the same response. Even THEY are mystified. I prefer air-ROPE-a-stale, which is what I have called it since Jr. High. So there.
2. Why don't they just mark each item at its actual price, instead of the constant ___% OFF SALE signs everywhere? It's annoying. When I shop I like to keep my mind free to imagine color combinations (and think disparagingly of girls with tiny rear ends and big bosoms), not weigh it down with stress-inducing math equations.
3. Why does a size 5 Aeropostale jean fit only one of my legs?
4. Why do ALL sizes require a graph chart to convert into human terms? Are they Barbie sizes?
5. Why is the music so head-hollowingly loud? With all the size-converting and percentage-figuring (not to mention all the shopping-induced self-soothing thoughts like, "Well, at least I don't ever have to worry about back aches due to front-heaviness..."), I would appreciate a little peace and quiet!
6. Why did I get asked TWICE last night, "Do you have any of these in a different color...?" I's all, "Hey, I don't work here, so leave me alone Homey...I was in the middle of carrying from the one's column!"

That said, I am ever-so grateful to welcome the newest member of my closet. And for only $17.99 ("marked down" from $79.98)! Granted, it has huge graphics abundantly slathered across the front (What am I? Free advertisement? I think I deserve some compensation!), but the thick (not too thick), fuzzy lining more than makes up for that. I donned it immediately, and have hardly taken it off since (if it weren't for those pesky moments of showering and sleeping...). I want to glue it to my skin, never to part. I think I'm in love.

Sweet. Fuzzy. Warm. Love.
*Oh, little jacket of cozy joy, don't fail me now! Lest I be forced to recant my love, may your seams hold fast, your cuffs not lose their shape, and your color stay forever bright.

Note the versatility:

front.........................front-shift with head...................side

The possibilities are endless I tell you.

Now go get yourself one!

And, while you're at it, drop by for a visit already!


Amy Jason said...

Very Cute and it does look very cozy!! I love the fur or whatever you call it. I have one with that cozy lining that my friend bought me after I had Isaac and I love it. I am also always cold and always have about 10 different layers on inside my own house. By the way, you look very cute! I love your hair. And your tiny legs make me a little envious! At first I thought your pictures were actual models from Aeropostale, from their website, that you had uploaded to show us the jacket. Then I realized, that cute girl was YOU!!

Rozel said...

My thoughts exactly, Amy Jason. People probably thought that you worked at Aeropostale because you look like on of their models.

Trip to Wal*Mart on black Friday: Zero Dollars.
Rubiks cube: Twelve Dollars.
Fetch-me-that-pitcher-house: Three Hundred Thousand dollars.
Cozy sweat-shirt from Aeropostale: Priceless.

Rozel said...

*ONE* of their models not on. :)

sharlee said...

Ever so cute and cozy, as was your story. I hope it will keep you warm for many-a-chilly day.

sharlee said...

I LOVE Rozel's comment! And by the way it's so good to see you blogging again. It's been a long time man!

Marianne said...

I'm so glad you found a cute jacket. I love the modeling too. You're a great adverstiser- seeing it on you really did make me want to go get one. It looks so warm and cozy, the perfect lounging jacket.

I agree with you completely about the store. I've actually stopped going in there because I know it's pointless. I have a friend named Jemay who is as skinny and figureless as a toothpick, and Aeropostale is the perfect place for her to shop. I've named Aeropostale and any store like it (which is most it seems) "Jemay Stores." I used to feel depressed that, like you, I couldn't fit my legs in their jeans let alone my waist. But I've come to terms with it. I just try to avoid the store all together, but I may just have to step in and check out their jackets. Very cute!

Have you ever tried Maurice's jeans? I just discovered them, and I feel skinny again and I didn't even have to have an eating disorder to do it! Their sizes are women's sizes, not 12 year old girl sizes. I was shocked to find that I had to keep going down sizes instead of up to finally find the one that fit me. My self-image changed dramatically for the better after I bought their jeans. I love that store!

Amber said...

Might I suggest you not shower to allow more time to wear your beautiful new purchase. I am not a sweater/hoodie wearer around the house. Not sure why. I can't stand layers. But recently I have decided to become a slipper wearer because my feet are always cold. So I know you hate socks and shoes and all, but if you ever happen upon some rockin slippers, do tell.

Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

Oh, the cleverness of you :) I wish I lived closer to you. I don't know if I've ever commented, but I love everything you ever put to words. I like you alot, cousin dear!

Christy said...

Ditto to all these commentors. I have also been in pursuit this year to find a jacket/coat. I want something that's not too big but something that is cute and more sporty I guess. I have a nice coat for church, but I don't like wearing it to the grocery store all the time, so something like what you bought would be perfect! And those pictures of you modeling your jacket, really makes me want one!

Kimi Lou said...

Does Aeropostale have a PLUS SIZE department?

Palmer family said...


You are a hoot and a hollar! Cute blog.
You are two inches big...that is all there is to it! Cute jacket, esp. on skinny YOU!
I used to shop at that store in H.S. but not lately.
Your hair looks cute too by the way. Did you cut it?
How 'bout you email me your marshmallow recipe and I will email you that pie one? Sound good!?? :) Serious.

Matheson said...

So cute and what a great model are you!

Lena said...

Hello--you have a little rear-end, and NO THIGHS! Gosh, am i jealous! Sorry, but I am honest, so I won't say that you have a large bosom--but just think, you can get away with not wearing a bra...just don the trusty (and VERY CUTE AND STYLISH) jacket, zip it up, and the nippin' out part is covered by thick material and you are set! I thought of you the other day. I was in Anthropologie (the clearance section--of course) and I was loving all the girly, feminine choices, but not so much the clearance (but still spendy) prices. Once in a while I find the steal of a lifetime, but most the time I just enjoy the "look".

Parley and Anna and family! said...

Of course I remember you cousin! :) I'm glad you found me and you can call me almost anything--especially if it's extremely flattering! I'm up for some new jackets too...I'll have to go check out the sales. I have a love/hate relationship w/ shopping: love the feeling of spoiling myself and looking fabulous; hate the feeling of fatness when you try on a pair of jeans that really should fit (they of course have them sized incorrectly) and hate spending the money! Overall, I'd say love wins in the end, except when I'm pregnant because nothing fits like it should--even maternity clothes!

Emily said...

Cute jacket. Cute you! "tiny rear ends and big bosoms" - at least you got one of the two, I think that since I didn't get a tiny rear, I should at least have some curvature up front to make up for it. Funny, I can't wear a jacket with a zipper in the house, it makes me feel like I'm about to go somewhere or need to go do something, & I don't particularly like that feeling, so it's pullovers for me.

You have a recipe for homemade marshmallows? All I want for Christmas from you is that recipe. :)