Friday, December 5, 2008

Have You Heard? I Married A Genius!

The day after college graduation five years ago, we went to San Francisco for a week of fun and relaxation. It was a fabulous vacation, made even more agreeable by the fact that our parents hosted us. It was there, in my father's house, that Ty was first introduced to the rubik's cube (by the way, who IS Rubik, and what's his fascination with cubes?). He spent the week intoxicated by it, yet came away feeling frustrated that he had not solved it's mystery.

Two weeks after we got home I bought him one for Father's Day. About once every six months or so after that, I would run across it still in its unopened package.

Last weekend we made a spur-of-the-second road trip to Ogden to visit my parents (the very same ones who once lived in exotic locales like Sausalito, Berkley, and Johannesburg). Once again the rubik's cube made an appearance, and Ty was useless to resist its allure.

This Tuesday Ty dug that dusty rubik's package out of our storage room, ripped it open, and began a grueling schedule of twisting and turning, turning and twisting. He became a man obsessed.

I may have made fun of him. Just a little.

Then last night he suddenly popped through the doorway with a smirk on his handsome mug. He tossed me the cube, all perfect and neat.

Then I told him to hang on while I got my camera.

Cause them there's some blog-worthy criz-ap.


Christy said...

That's awesome! I have tried those things a dozen times and have never gotten anywhere close. I already knew I wasn't a genius, but that just confirmed it.

sharlee said...

What a smart guy. Great picture! How was the weddin'?

Amber said...

He is a genius. Good choice on the mate!

The Peterson Family said...

Aren't those things insane? The crazy thing is my 10 year old can solve it in like 2 minutes. Good for Ty!

Amy Jason said...

amazing!! I don't even try those things because my little brain is not capable! That's awesome that he figured it out all by himself!

Rozel said...

Yeah, yeah. I got the white and red side done once too – let’s see the other sides. (I have been dying to say that but I didn't want to diminish his accomplishment. Since I have had two cups of coffee my judgment is a little blurred and I am saying it anyway.)

In all seriousness – WOW! I have never met ANYONE who has EVER completed one of those things!

Matheson said...

Ty is SO happy in this picture LOL! He is a genius! Way to go!

Palmer family said...