Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday Leftovers


Saylor and I skipped town for the weekend.

Over (-dramatic)

A few moment ago, when I yelled down the stairs for her to come up (I wasn't mad at her), Mera immediately burst into tears and kept sobbing, "I didn't shake my booty...I didn't shake my booty at her (Saylor)." Wonder what she was doing. And no. I don't know how to straighten the video out. Just lay your head on your keyboard at a 90 degree angle.


I have a container of Pad Thai in my fridge. I treasure it as a memento of our fun sister/cousin dinner Friday night (because it's probably rotten by now - good thing I got a picture too).

And yes. We had leftover soup for dinner tonight (which = no work). Ah, leftovers. Was there ever anything so grand?


Rozel said...

What a bunch of smokin' hot ladies! It looks like you had much fun.

I apologize for laughing aloud at your daughters very traumatic booty shakin' incident.

sharlee said...

I can't play Samera's video. It won't let me. Maybe I'll throw a fit.
Thanks for sharing your "leftovers" with us. That was one of the funnest nights ever! It was good to have several hours of laughing time. I needed that!

Christy said...

great post! Thanks for sharing your "leftovers"! haha!

Lena said...

Well, at least I can join Sharlee in her fit over the non-working video! Dinner looked like fun!

Amber said...

That video was AWESOME! I hate to tell you this, but you might have a little drama queen on your hands (and I am terrified I am 2 of them!). Oh and where did you "left" to? And that just made me laugh because I sounded exactly like Claire. Oh and yeah for girls night!

Amber said...

Okay I meant I have 2 of them not I am 2 of them (although if you ask my husband, he might tell you that I am the equivalent of 2 drama queens, so maybe my first comment was spot on?)

Lena said...

Random--but, I thought you might like to check my friend's blog out...she has a BUNCH of free blog layouts and some are really cute and simple (I like simple...as is obvious from my blog.) Anywho, check it out! http://cristiscreations.blogspot.com/

Paige of Pearls said...

You girls are so beautiful! I bet you had tons of fun. I loved your daughter's movie. She sounded so traumatized and you sounded so unimpressed. I've been in that situation many a time, but a camera wasn't handy!