Monday, February 16, 2009

Fill in the Blank

For the second time in as many days, I have found Sylas: shoeless, coatless, gloveless, crying, sitting. In the snow. In the back yard. With only a toy gun for company, "huntin' boots" (flip-flops) long since lost in the drifted mounds of snow, Sy is determined to shoot (or pet - both options are equal parts desirable and impossible) the mangy black cat that spends most days lounging atop our compost pile.

For the 1, 783,429,506 th time in as many nano-seconds, I have found myself: wondering when my children will develop the inner voice that whispers to them, "Hey, you already tried this. The _______ is STILL ______ (For instance: fire & hot, snow & cold, naughtiness & punishable, stunt & stupid...) Maybe you should spend a few moments developing an alternate plan."

Then again, I'm one to talk.

I overeat (chocolate & fattening)
I am unorganized (important tax receipt & hopelessly lost)
I am a terrible parent (yelling & ineffective)
I am a brat (World & not revolving around you)

Must be genetic.

Gosh _____ it!


Rozel said...

My mom used to use that on me ALL the time:

"The world does not revolve are you, Michelle!"

Now that I am a "grown-up" she can't tell me what to do anymore(so I pretend). The world can now revolve around me!

Your world can also revolve around you! (Since you live far away it shouldn't affect mine too much.) Therefore scratch that one off of your list. I am afraid I can't help you with the rest.

Rozel said...

That "are" is suppose to be "around". Good grief! My mother really is much more articulate than that.

Tools of Every Kind- The Lambinaters said...

You are to funny! You are a great Mom! We need to scrap again!

sharlee said...

It is genetic. I'm hopeless.
You better bring Sylas over to my house. He can shoot, pet, sit on, pull at, or chase our cat all he wants.

Christy said...

Andrea, you always have the most creative posts! So funny!

BTW- we will probably find out the sex of the other baby at our next appointment- but yes, one is a boy!

The United Statements of Merica said...

That is funny. You are very clever.

Amber said...

Andrea and funny. Nuff said.

Lena said...

Those genes must have come from your mother because I sure as _____ got them!!!

Marianne said...

I don't know how many times a day I wonder why Noah does certain things and then I realize, Oh, I know. He learned them from me.

Melissa said...

hey, im Melissa Emily Lowes friend in California... I saw your picture on one of the cjane message boards about mormon mommy blogs! I thought where do I know her from... funny, kinda. Well I liked your comment. Emily (obviously) has good taste in friends.

Melissa said...

PS My kids got my shallow end of the gene pool too! Sometimes I wonder why they do the things they do, then my husband (not-so-gently) reminds me that I did the same thing yesterday. Oh well

Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

We ARE so alike except--you're WAY more clever than I. I love every post of yours, but I never feel clever enough to leave a comment.. Someday, I want to be more like you. And I didn't shake my booty at her either..