Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Cookies

In an effort to scrape what remains of my pride from the bottom of my blog's shoe, I am quickly pretending that last post never happened. Please take a moment to do the same. That's better.

SOooo, how 'bout those Mets? Just kidding. I don't even know what that means. It's just something one of my favorite people (you reading this?) and I used to say to each other after long awkward (not too awkward) silences, or when we had nothing else to say. It seemed to fit here. No? Confused? Bored? Wondering why you bothered to stop by? Join the club.

But since you're already here and all I guess I should do something to entertain you, cause that is what a good hostess does, and I'm nothing if I'm not a good hostess! So do sit down, have a cookie (heaven knows I just baked 8 batches - seriously. I did.), and let me pull out my photo album...let's see...where DID I put it? I'm just positive you'll want to see all the things we've been doing lately. Aw, here it is.

Samera tried and tried, and finally learned to blow a bubble (much to the delight of her little brother):

Same goes for riding a bike:

What? You really should be going? No, no. Sit down. Here's something you won't want to miss. Ty working on his motorcycle...and Sylas adding some finishing touches of his own:

Huh? You think you hear your mother calling you for dinner? Just a few more. You'll really be sorry if you don't see these. You see, Saylor finished soccer finally:

and Ty and I tiled our kitchen back splash (a mere 2 years after the counter was installed). If you look closely you'll notice the oven clock says 10:02 p.m. (and that's when we started tiling), as I know you're wondering how we find time to spend, one-on-one, to tackle romantic projects like these:

I know you really must be going, but do let's have a look at a few more before you leave. I don't want you having any regrets. I know you'll agree that these pictures of the crazy-A storm we had the other day are worth seeing. Samera ran to rescue Sylas' bike from certain ruin, and then I captured her expression as my explanation that rain doesn't melt bikes or houses or cars soaked in to her already soaked head, and Saylor after five seconds of fetching something in the rain. I told you it was a wild storm:

Did you say your house is on fire? Well then I suppose we really only have time for one more. Which reminds me, we had a bonfire/weed-burning party in our back yard. You should have seen it (and WHY is this paragraph underlined, pray tell?):

Are you sure you have to go so soon? Alright. Do come back again! I have plenty of family photos to share, and even more cookies!



Amy Jason said...

Hey! Im glad you commented on my blog earlier, because I Hadn't seen your latest blog! I love the jokes! Good ol' times:) Love all your latest pictures. Looks like you guys have been busy! Hope Ty gets feeling better soon! Not fun:( I can't even imagine. Hope things go up hill! Love ya!

Marianne said...

You are so much fun! I always want to stop by your blog for a visit. You're always a good host. Your blog is much more exciting than mine.

Mardee Rae said...

yes, yes, I really must be going now....I uh, that's weird, my...brownies are burning, I gotta go.

(have you watched Horton Hears a Who a million times like I have?)

Thank you for sharing those pictures. I don't even know what your kids look like. Well, now I sort of do. They are beautiful. And so is your kitchen tiling job.

Christy said...

OH my heavens! You are so stinkin' funny. I think to myself, can she get anymore clever!? And that answer is a BIG YES!!!!! I love reading your posts! I love seeing all those pictures too, of your family and what you guys do for fun.

sharlee said...

That's a cute bonfire. WHY DIDN'T I SEE THIS POST 4 days ago? Anyway, great pictures of Samera learning to blow a bubble--that's pretty good for a gal her age you know. And I liked the picture of Saylor smiling at her dad. So fun! Too-da-loo!

Amber said...

Wait, did someone say cookies?

Rozel (a.k.a. Michelle) said...

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Cookies! I love looking at pictures! I tend to start my projects at crazy hours as well. I can't controll when I get the urge to complete a project, it just happens.

The United Statements of Merica said...

you crack me up. and I'm jealous that you have a kitchen worth tiling.

Emily said...

I am reading! -a little late, but summer's here, & it's cutting into my computer time. Cute pictures. That little Samera reminds me of my little Gwen. I wonder if we could get them together sometime this summer, make them be best friends & be roommates at Ricks, er, BYU-I.

Lena said...

Thank goodness somebody I know bakes cookies once in a while because I really need to have the "secret" explained to know, the "secret" that makes the cookies actually turn out. Or, maybe it is just as well that you keep the "secret" to yourself, because if I finally discovered the "secret" I might feel obligated to the world to actually make cookies! As it is, I am doing the world a huge service by conserving our resoures and not wasting them on the flat, overcooked lumps of pooh-looking blogs that are sadly very un-cookie-like!

Amber said...

Attention. Attention. Complaint department? Anyone? I would like to file an official complaint against one Andrea Shuman on account of her slacking blogger ways. I mean it has been over a week. I need my fix. Does anyone care? Anyone?