Friday, May 1, 2009

Spring is a Liar

Dear Last Week (a.k.a. first week of spring),

I am so glad you stopped by for a brief visit. My heart could have burst from the excitement I felt at finding you on my doorstep. I wanted to run to you. To kiss you. To drop everything just to dance with you, but I AM an adult now, and that is hardly appropriate. Instead, I eagerly watched (in my skirt and flip-flops...I may be an adult, but I'm not letting perfectly good warm weather go to waste) as my children were introduced to you.

They reveled in your every detail. They delighted in the gifts only you can bestow on a child: the first sunburns of the year, watering newly-planted seeds, Earth Day dancing (including kissing the air to show their gratitude), picnics on not-yet-green grass, stray dog hunting, and B-B-Q. It was so thoughtful of you to remember them. Even if it were only a macho (and desperate) effort to impress me, I appreciated your thoughtfulness in remembering them.

I cannot express how much your presence meant to me. It lifted and inspired me. It gave me the will to go on. The tiny sliver of hope I need to make it through the next few weeks of the unknown, knowing that summer will be here again, and that the grass will be green again (with a lot of prayer and a little fertilizer). That school will let out. That my children will get out.

Then, just as suddenly as you appeared, you were gone. Without so much as a hug (it's okay, I'm not much in the hugging department), or even a note! So many things left unsaid. So many meals left to be cooked in the oven. I was so hurt. Disappointment slipped down my cheeks and dripped from my chin. How could you?

After a moment's hesitation, I decided to put you behind me. I won't spend my life waiting for your return. I have already wasted some of my best months on you.

Did you think I would pine for you? Did you suppose that I would spend the weekend inside, wearing a sweater, crying, and longing for your companionship? Wrong!

I got over you. And it wasn't even that hard. I filled my weekend with a road trip, delightful company, a pedicure, some shopping, and lots of eating out (which, as usual, I didn't capture on film). I even wore sandals without your approval. So there.

So what if you're gone? So what if it rains 'til June and I am forced to don a sweater? I bought two new ones, and Baby, I am fine without you.

Later Sucker!

Your former admirer,


p.s. Please come back to me. New sweaters are nice, but nothing keeps me warm like your embrace.


Amber said...

In Springs defense..wait, who am I kidding. I am not about to come to Spring's defense. He is, as Cora would say, "a meanie." Plain and simple. Misleading you like that. Leaving you high and dry, trying to ease the hurt by forcing yourself to travel to my dirty little house to dine on an incalculable amount of calories and shop clearance racks at the Gap. Sheesh. Maybe he will never emerge again, and you will have to return over and over to ease the pain. Hmmm, that might not be too shabby.
ps. I heart Zach Efron.

Stephanie said...

Man, I hope no one ever had to get a Dear John from you :)

Emily said...

You do not look that cute every day do you? The skirt, the apron, the hair - you're adorable.

& sweetie, it's not spring's fault, it's Idaho. I love Idaho too, but you just can't depend on him? her? it?

Rozel said...

I have started to read your post at least 100 times and I have yet to comment. I keep on being rudely interrupted. Don't my real world people know that I have online people to keep tabs on?

Back to the blog . . .I like your style. This is the exact strategy that EVERYONE should use. (By everyone, I mean YKW)

Aaaaaaand COMMENT.

(ok, so I totally copied your "and . . .POST". The greatest form of flattery is being imitated. That is what I am going to tell you in hopes that you don't think I am stalking you. Do you see how many times I could use the parenthesis inside the parenthesis?)

Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

Could you sign my name at the bottom of that letter? That's exactly how I feel, you're just far more clever than I. Someday..

Lena said...

I must agree with a previous comment..."it is not spring, it is IDAHO!" As much I love good ole Idaho, I really hate the long winters. A month or two of cool weather is just fine (though, I do desperately miss collecting cute sweaters!) Take pleasure in the thought of enjoying your summer and the beautiful weather, while we pine away the summer months waiting for fall, which typically begins, if we are lucky, sometime in late October or November!

PS--I have to agree with this same commenters other statement of how stinkin' cute you are! Could my hair just curl a little bit like yours?

Marianne said...

I enjoy you so much!

By the way, the skirt you are interested in- well, it's for a toddler. Sorry to disappoint. It is very very cute, though. I wonder if we could figure it out in adult size? If you want to see what it looks like, my friend's blog is:

Mardee Rae said...

Oh, I'm here to tell you: It's not Idaho, it's Spring.
Dying. So clever, and true. You captured all of our feelings in a more creative way than the rest of us could have.
Oh, spring, did I shave my legs for this?

Mardee Rae said...

Oh, and your kids are so cute. What gorgeous pictures.

sharlee said...

I don't know where I'VE been (hiding in my jammies, trying to stay warm in MAY!), but I didn't see this post. Ever so clever and cute and TRUE. I think you are not only a blogging queen, you are a poet--Truly.