Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ann(d)ie's Song

Tonight I feel completely under summer's spell. Oh summer twilight, you gorgeous thing you. I'm having one of those made for t.v. moments where I want to ardently break into song and dance, only no one wants me to sing, and I don't dance. So instead I write. Weakly (weekly? Wow, I'm awfully clever), but I write.

I am all sweaty (yes, brilliant way to start my sonnet, no doubt. Shakespeare would be so proud) from my recent run - so recent that I'm still out of breath. I didn't want to go. I was feeling grouchy and fat and itchy (I know, I could be a poet), but I ran twice as far as usual, which still isn't much, but is an accomplishment in my mind. I ran earlier than normal too, catching sunset in a private moment, making it blush silvery shades of pink. Then orange. Then red. It took my breath away. At least something took my breath away. It's hard to know if it was the lighting of the sky or the running. There's really no way to tell.

Then there was this smell. Oh boy. Such a delicate buffet of splendor my nasal cavities have never before hoped to imagine! There is no way to describe the air's sweet bouquet. It was a grassy, cinnamony, lilac scent, the likes of which could be bottled and sold under the name, "Cannella de Soiree," or "Cinnamon June," or "The Field Behind My House That Smells Real Good."

I have no ipod. Feel sorry for me if you must, but I don't need your pity (just an ipod), for my friendly field provides ample entertainment in the form of killdeer. Those noisy birds are hilarious. And noisy. But more hilarious than noisy. Mostly. My favorite part is when I finally finish my loop and they all scuttle away, sure that their brilliant tactics have worked: that the enemy retreats in bewilderment and shame. Stupid birds.

(I'm not out of breath anymore. Just so you know. I didn't want anyone to worry.)

So it is with senses satisfied that I now sigh in blissful (too many "sss" sounds? sorry.) content. I really needed that. Now I'm ready for Wednesday to rear its hum-drum head. Bring it!

Okay, so after I eat a chocodile and some Swedish (fine, spell check. I capitalized it. Happy now?) fish. THEN bring it!

p.s. Have I used up my allotted John Denver references yet? I really hope not.


sharlee said...

I envy your enthusiasm for running...and for summer. You ARE a poet in your own way and someday millions of people will read your works. Mark my words!

It's near 1:00 a.m. but I had to read your post. Kimi, Sharalen, and I met in Logan tonight and when we went back to D.I. to get Kimi's car (where we left it) were horrified to discover all entrances gated and locked! We thought about climbing over the silly little gates and busting through them in her van like they do in the movies but decided against it. So I drove her all the way to Preston and just got home.

Rozel (a.k.a. Michelle) said...

Oh Andrea, I ran for almost a year without an iPod and now that I have one I will NEVER go back. I swear to you, you will run further than ever before because the music is distracting. I love runs like this, when everything is right with the world and I smell the fresh air rather than the fresh manure. Even with the iPod you will still enjoy the sights and smells (maybe not all smells)

Mardee Rae said...

Your words flow so perfectly and cleverly...I always end up trying to imagine: Did she plan all this out, or does she just sit down and type and it just comes out as hilarious and clever as it is?
Also, I'd like to have a field like that, only I don't want to have to run around it. Maybe I could get something similar on my ipod.

Christy said...

Andrea you amaze me. I love reading your post! LOVE. Did I mention, Love? Great post. They way you desribe things makes me feel like I am right there running and out of breath too!

Oh and GUESS WHAT? SO my husband comes home yesterday and says I got a surprise for you?? I was thinking, "ok, what's that? A cookie from your class?"(cause he has brought home food before)
He pulls out an IPOD!! no joke.
This girl from his class got a new one and he had asked if anyone knew any good deals on one, and she said that he could have her old one for practically free. And it's awesome! I am all set for running now! Wanna go sometime?

Amy Jason said...

I love that picture! It's awesome. Im guessing you enjoy your new camera! I need to know what a chocodile is. I feel like Im missing out on something good. Fill me in please. And hey, did you get my last email?? It was full of questions and I was so excited to hear your answers but Im still waiting... No pressure, but if you didn't get it I will resend it. Love ya.

Parley and Anna and family! said...

you are more ambitious than me. my alarm went off twice this morning: first time, I was supposed to go to spin class, but decided against that and reset it to go running 30 minutes later; second time was the obnoxious reminder that I needed to get my rear out of bed and back in shape w/ a good ole' fashion run. What did I do? I turned it off. ahhh...sleep. I do love it! But way to go!
I too love your writing! You make the most unpleasant things (such as running) seem nearly tolerable!

Stephanie said...

Your picture is beautiful. You have inspired me to run in the evening sometime. Of course, you get the beautiful sunsets, we get the beautiful sunrises. I sure do miss ID when you describe exactly how I remember early summer evenings back home.

The United Statements of Merica said...

Oh Andrea, I am wiping tears from reading your monster doll post.. you are hilarious. I have sort of fallen off the earth and haven't blogged for a while, but I'm at least checking other blogs now.

I listen to books when i run. I can't fall asleep while I'm running.. right?? So that's how I read these days. it's actually my iphone which i can't live without.

Marianne said...

I love moments like that when you are suddenly so aware of your surroundings and you feel like your insides will burst with the excitement of it. I'm glad you had one of those moments, and I'm so glad you shared it the way only you can share things.

Higham Family said...

Every morning (post child birth has left me unable to run in the evening-or after drinking anything in the last 8 hours) Jordan tries to talk me into taking his IPOD when I run. I'd rather have some quite time (except for the sounds of nature). So no, I don't feel sorry for you for not having an IPOD, I think it's an added level of refreshment.