Thursday, August 13, 2009

Defining Moments

Here are some terms you may need to know if you drop by on any given Wednesday...

go-to meal
[go too meel] n 1 : any meal that, when served, has a magical power to shut off the complaint department of all three children's brains (perhaps even prompting second serving requests from more than one source) 2 : the one dinner I serve per week that consists of BBQ chicken pizza and "fruit soup"

fruit soup [froot soop] n 1 : the best summer side dish or dessert consisting of every kind of berry available (and a good peach if you're so inclined), powdered sugar, and cream 2 : mmmmm...heaven

[crap a chi no] n 1 : what I say when Ty asks me to help him set up new technologically advanced entertainment equipment 2 : what I whisper as I help heft a television of mammoth proportions (were mammoths 50" diagonally?) onto its wall mount 3 : what I say under my breath when my head hurts from trying unsuccessfully to translate user's guide jargon into English

(And yes, I know you're jealous of my sleek and stylish entertainment unit. Get in line.)

freakify [freek a fy] vb 1 : to cause the mother to freak out by demolishing new, not-even-24-hours-old-yet DVD player; esp : fit to be tied by means of two-year old

...well, hopefully not ANY given Wednesday. Let's pray for better Wednesdays ahead.


sharlee said...

Holy Frappe! That 's a huge t.v unit. Let me know when the next sleep-over will be (when Ty goes hunting) so we can watch WNTW on the big screen!
Did Jr. really break your DVD player? Ooooh. Agony.

The United Statements of Merica said...

This post is very clever. I like it a latte.

Christy said...

OH man! Sorry to hear about your new DVD player...covered by warranty perhaps?? Great post. I loved the pictures that went with it!

Rozel (a.k.a. Michelle) said...

I have been wanting to increase my vocabulary. This shall increase my verbiage exponentially. I can’t wait to say “Oh. . . crappuccino!”

I have had fruit and cream but I have yet to add powdered sugar! I shall try it post haste! I am ecstatic to see a post from you!

I eagerly await, on pins and needles, each new post – no pressure!

Lena said...

I really needed some delicioso meal ideas for summer...I am really struggling with what to cook lately. For instance, what did my poor children get served today for meals?

Breakfast: I honestly can't remember what I decided to feed them. We must've reached for the cold cereal because I was feeling seriously uninspired.

Lunch: Well, since church starts at 12:30, we had a very rushed conglomerate of the only food I could produce in 2 minutes (I had just entered our house moments earlier from a meeting.) My children ate a gourmet meal of cheese sandwiches (toasted under the broiler) and oranges.

Dinner: Fend for yourself. whatever they want...whatever their father was willing to make them. NOTHING sounded good or doable...I have the serious blues when it comes to food prep.

Amber said...

I feel I have lost touch with the blogging world. But I am too sick to care right now. So sick in fact that both of those normally mouthwatering dishes you speak of make my stomach churn. But I am not too sick to remember how freakin (a variation of freakify) clever you are. And so sad I cannot make it on the 18th. I will be in Utah. But right now I just want to be in bed. We will have to further discuss a trip when I regain the ability to process and retain thoughts (of course, I barely had that ability before getting sick sooooo).

Parley and Anna and family! said...

sumtymes eye rede yor posts and fill so dum! U enspyre me to rite bedder!

I'm not sure if I've ever told you this, but I love reading your blog; you really are so clever! It always makes me smile!